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Written by: meya on 2007-08-20

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meya's review: I am so dedicated to this board and my honesty here is a must... It is going to hurt me to say this because I went back on my word... I slipped... Fell over the by the credit card machine... My ID fell out of my wallet and landed in the cashiers hand... While I was trying to pull my self up using the electronic pen... I accidentally hit the accept button... And... And... The cashier said I was approved for a $200 limit Target Red Card. Wow, now how in the world did that happen because I swore up and down that I would never apply at Target due to so many denials. Seriously folks, I tried to tell her it was a mistake... I never told her to submit my info into the computer... I tried to give the card back but she called the manager and they pushed me out of the store and threaten to call the police... I had to take the card or go to jail... What would you have done?... YOU GUYS HAVE TO BELIEVE ME!... I AM TELLING THE TRUTH! OKAY FORGET IT... YES I DID APPLY FOR THE TARGET CARD. LEAVE ME ALONE NESSA, I KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE FIRST TO CALL ME A HYPOCRITE... LOL.


Comment 1 by nessa
Re:Meya! on 2007-08-20

Congratulations on your ne Target Card meya... You are sooo funny!!!
Comment 2 by dee
Re: Meya on 2007-08-20

It's okay. I luv target. I went to the store on saturday and used my debit card. I was hoping to get a preapproval receipt. but, I will try again. I have been reading a lot of stories on this message board called www.Creditboards.com good site.
Comment 3 by yanira
Re: Meya on 2007-08-20

Meya, if I may ask, how many cards do you have??

Also does anyone have information on the Lord & Taylor CC?

Here is my two cents on the target card:

I love target, but a $200.00 Limit? Come on... It is recommended that you keep your balances below 35% your available credit, that means you can only really use about $70 on this card... Who can possibly only spend $70 at target??? I know I drop about $100-200 everytime I go! Just kidding... They should really start people off with better limits though.
Comment 4 by steph
Good For You Meya!! on 2007-08-20

Congratulations Meya, Love the story!! Im picturing you at the register fighting the urge to get that card. LOL. Welcome to the Target club
Comment 5 by eric
Re:Meya on 2007-08-21

Hey Meya

I was lmao on your review with target cards... Lol Congrats... And like Dee said welcome to the Target Club... I thought id quote what you said about Target in an early review 'its not the denial but the way they put you down' something like that lol... Anyways congrats again and also that $200 limit will turn into $500 in 3 months... Watch. TARGET CARD IS NO LONGER BLACKLISTED BY MEYA! Just Citibank. Lol

Comment 6 by anonymous
RE: Target Congrats! Meya on 2007-08-21

Good luck! And welcome meya. Hey Eric you are right! I just checked my account and yes they increased my credit from 200 to 500 in about 3 months, I opened my account in may 07.
Comment 7 by meya
Target Fam! on 2007-08-21

Thanks everyone, I did not realize that Target has such a big family... Lol. I guess now that I know what credit range Target is looking for, I can estimate Targets approvals based on our exerience to the next person. I can't wait to graduate from the $200 club... Lmao ps. I still love Walmart the best.
Comment 8 by craig
RE: Subject / Title: Denied on 2007-10-18

Subject / Title: Denied

Comment by Tim - Posted on 2007-10-16

What a joke, my credit score should have given me this... What a bunch of BS the credit system is, just another jewish scam!

Simple thinking from a simple mind. This is a perfect example of why I think reviews/comments should be restricted to registered users. This is flat-out hateful.
Comment 9 by finance globe
Thanks Craig on 2007-10-18

Thanks for the heads up Craig. I missed that one somehow. I am working on the required membership thanks to the input from you and Meya.

Should be ready to go soon!

Thanks, Mike
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