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Written by: highborn on 2009-05-17

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highborn's review: Callout Comment This is the best credit card that I've ever used. I have had every high end card that you can think of over the years. The benefits attached to this card are unsurpassed. This is a card for the affluent. A card that certainly trumps that carbon fiber card. The AF is laughably low. The airport lounge access pays the AF many times over.

If you want a card that says yes I have made it, then this is the card for you!


Comment 1 by rabbit713
Pretty Good Card!!! User Icon on 2009-05-18

Remarks Congrats on aproval buddy!, I didn't know about this card so I did some research and its a great card, pretty much like American Express Platinum with less than half ther annual fee. Enjoy!
Comment 2 by dheeraj
Re: Best Credit Card On The Market! User Icon on 2009-09-24

Remarks Try ZERO annual fee. They have a promotion right now where, if you apply through the end of September, you never pay an annual fee, EVER. (I think they do this promotion periodically.) And they give you 1.5% cash back on purchases. And 0% on balance transfers for six months. And ZERO balance transfer fee (on transfers during the six-month period). And free Priority Pass membership, with cards for BOTH me AND my additional cardholder. I don't know how the hell they're making any money on this card.

I thought cards like this no longer existed. I'm not sure they even had anything this good back at the peak of the bubble, which makes it all the more shocking it's even available now.

And yes, I have an AMEX Platinum, but... I'm beginning to to reconsider. ;-)
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