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Written by: rabbit713 on 2009-05-15

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rabbit713's review: Callout Comment I love this card, I have nothing but good experiences with this card, I have not received my first cash back yet, but will soon next year. I hear lots of people saying to watch your utilization and stuff, but I believe as long as I pay on time I will be fine. I highly recommend this card! Apply now!


Comment 1 by coolkidny
Scores User Icon on 2009-05-15

Remarks Do you think you could let us know your scores when you applied? And what bureaus they pulled. I have been trying to get an American Express card but have yet to be approved. Thank You
Comment 2 by rabbit713
Hey Coolkidny!!!!! User Icon on 2009-05-15

Remarks My credit scores at the time of applying were Experian 741 PLUS SCORE COMPLIMENTARY report from American Express this is what they pull, and my Equifax was a 720. This is a nice card buddy, you get yours soon.
Comment 3 by ashes
Credit Limit And APR User Icon on 2009-05-15

Remarks Could you tell us how long have you had this card and what is your current credit limit and APR?
Comment 4 by rabbit713
Hey Ashes!!! User Icon on 2009-05-15

Remarks Hi I have had the card since mid March of 2009, with a credit limit of $2500 I know its not much but its a start, I believe I should get a CLI in about 6 months hopefully. as for the apr I believe it is 14.9 if I remember correctly, but as of now it is 0%.

oh and you have nice cards with awesome CL's!
Comment 5 by eldarwen
They Watch Other Stuff On CRs User Icon on 2009-05-16

Remarks Amex does not only watch your activity and history with them, but with your other creditors. Nobody is immune to a financial review, a raised APR, or a credit line decrease. Even though I had a low balance on two of my cards that I was about to pay off (with a 736 credit score), they dropped me from $2,000 to $500. I have been seeing this a lot lately. It is a different credit climate than in previous years.
Comment 6 by colonative
Amex User Icon on 2009-05-17

Remarks I have had my Blue for 1.5 years now and I am very pleased with it as well. Just keep your nose clean and you won't have any problems with them.
Comment 7 by mark
AMEX Pulled A Fast One On ME! User Icon on 2009-05-17

Remarks It's nice to see some favorable reviews for AMEX after making the other 999 angry... Good Job AMEX!

my experience with my AMEX Blue is simply horrible.

my scores are between 680-710 in 3 bureau.

i was enjoying a $5,000 credit limit with a utilization of $ 2,600..

i have the card for almost 2 years now..

i decided to pay my cards... To LOWER my utilization ratio and AMEX was on the top of my list.

i paid $2,200 in one month and guess what the company did to my CL?

they decreased it to $ 600..

so now my utilization with this particular AMEX is higher than before..

i was jumping for joy when I saw my account online ( SARCASM SARCASM)

I called them and they told me the usual BS..

I got a letter 2 weeks later informing me of the credit limit decrease..

now, here's a what if scenario.

what if I didn't catch this early and used my card??

thinking that I still enjoy a $5,000 CL and since I paid $2,200 already I have more than enough room to buy an plane ticket???

my point is, i'll be charged an over the limit fee for sure..

again, I'm glad that AMEX is able to please 1 out of a 1,000..

i think that's meeting their standards..
Comment 8 by rabbit713
Sorry Mark And Elderwan!!!! User Icon on 2009-05-18

Remarks Sorry Mark and Elderwan for the horror ya have been through with Amex, I just pray that I will always be treated with full respect from them.
Comment 9 by hjm331
RE: User Icon on 2009-05-18

Remarks I had the AMEX Delta card for a year and they reduced my $1,000 CL to $500 in December 08 so I had them close the account. I wasn't carrying a balance nor did I make a late payment. That's pathetic.
Comment 10 by eldarwen
Nobody Is Safe User Icon on 2009-05-19

Remarks Nobody is safe from that stuff I am seeing on message boards. I am seeing a lot of people who have a 760 plus credit score and perfect credit histories get CLD's. All I have to say is that they are driving good customers away by this. What good is a $500 Amex Clear?
Comment 11 by rickella
Double Screwed By American Express! User Icon on 2009-06-14

Remarks I was informed today when I tried to use my American Express Delta Skymiles card an at Office Depot that it was "denied." I found this hard to believe because I had a zero balance on the card. Embarrassed, I called Am Ex and spoke with a rep who informed me that on 6/13 (yesterday!) that my Delta Skymiles and AmEx Blue were CANCELLED! I only had $1K on each card and my payments were always on time or paid in full and never over the limit. I'm told AmEx looked at my credit report and decided I have too many inquiries and some of my cards have high balances (which is crap!). Why didn't they just deny me the cards to begin with? Why cancel me almost a year after they approve me? This makes no sense! AmEx can go straight to Hell!
Comment 12 by rabbit713
Sorry Rickella! User Icon on 2009-06-26

Remarks Sorry of what happened to you, I just hope American Express doesn't do this to me...
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