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Written by: fldave on 2009-05-12

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fldave's review: Callout Comment I, too, was foolish enough to sign up for Chase's paperless statements. At first, everything worked as promised. Every month I received an e-mail on the 8th notifying me that my statement was now available on-line.

Then, last month, I attempted to use my Chase Freedom card and it was declined ! I was embarrassed and completely baffled. I called Chase as soon as I got home. They said my card was declined because I had not paid last month's bill. I told them that I had never received last month's bill because they never notified me that it was available. They said I was responsible to go on-line and look for it. I immediately demanded to speak to a supervisor. Needless to say, the supervisor canceled the finance charge, the late fee, and gave me extra credit. I was also promised that I would receive notification from now on.

So what has happened this month ? NO NOTIFICATION AGAIN ! When I called yesterday (two days after the statement closing)the rep outright lied to me trying to claim that notifications were sent out 72 hours after the statement closes. NOT TRUE. Previously I had always received the notification the same day the statement closed.

So why did I sign up paperless statements ?? Because the ones sent by snail mail usually were sent so close to the payment due date that it was nearly impossible to pay on time.

So tell me, Chase. Is this just poor execution on your part or a deliberate attempt to squeeze late fees out of us by dragging your feet sending out statements ? I'm sure a lot of us are looking forward to your answer.


Comment 1 by rockin35
Bad Experience User Icon on 2009-05-12

Remarks Well that is definetly a bad experience. I've had paperless statements with Chase for over a year and never had any problems like that.

But the other thing to keep in mind is that even though Chase is responsible for sending the Electronic Statement, I guess they also expect (us) consumers to be mindful that we've used their credit... Which therefor makes us accountable for our monthly payments regardless if we get a bill or not. Afterall, their toll free number is on the back of the credit card to call and inquire.

At least... Thats what I was told once when I ran into the same thing, with Citibank and the supervisor told me that even if I signed up with E-Statements, it can take a billing cycle to kick in but it was my responsibility to call and get my due date/minimum pmt due.

Well, at least they took off all those fees.

Comment 2 by eldarwen
I Have To Say User Icon on 2009-05-14

Remarks I am going to have to say that it is your responsability to keep up on that stuff. I always check my balances and make note of when my bill is due. You can set up an online account with Chase and pay.
Comment 3 by rabbit713
What Type Of Email Address? User Icon on 2009-05-20

Remarks What type of email address were you using like yahoo, msn, etc. my statements were working fine for a while till a started getting a message that they couldn't deliver my statement to that email address, so you will have to change your email address so that it can work properly. Yahoo works fine.
Comment 4 by wanderer
Chase Paperless Statements User Icon on 2009-05-27

Remarks Thanks for the heads up. I actually want the bank to mail me a statement in case my computer/printer goes down or I forget. The snail mail statement serves as my reminder.
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