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Written by: anonymous on 2007-08-17

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anonymous's review: Callout Comment I read a few reviews that this card may be considered the credit builder card. I had recently applied for the Blue Card back in May and July and was declined both times. I went ahead and applied for the Green Card knowing that my credit score with Experian is 629 (as of last week). I don't know what my score is with either Equifax or Transunion but I was approved instantly. I don't know what the limit is or the APR but I will receive my card within the next 10 days.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Anonomous User Icon on 2007-08-18

Remarks Congradualtions! I do not believe that there is a pre-set limit for this card. Since you are the only user that recommended this card, share your credit background so that others can be encouraged to apply. Ie... Did you have any charge offs (collections), how many inquiries, or late payments (if any)... So on. This is clearly up to you to admit, but it really helps with another person who is worse off or ahead of what you shared with them. Thanks!
Comment 2 by anonymous
Re: Anonomous User Icon on 2007-08-21

Remarks My current credit score with Experian (which is what was pulled by AMEX) is 650 and I have 12 inquires with one charge off for $1200 from 12/05 but no collection accounts. I also have at least 5 lates that are appearing on my credit since August '05. I'm guessing the preset limit is what allowed me to get the card because when I applied for the AMEX Nest card the next day I was declined????? I'm fine with the preset limit since I don't execpt to make this my primary card. Who wants to use a card that you must pay in full every month. What I'm really looking forward to is using the card at Neiman Marcus since they only accept AMEX. I went there one day to buy a wedding gift and was amazed when the sales rep told me that I could not use my Visa or MC and that they only accept Cash/Check or Amex. I just want to have the power to pull out the card and say, "Oh Amex, no problem."
Comment 3 by meya
Re: Anonomous User Icon on 2007-08-22

Remarks U-go-boy/girl! I wish I had the power to pull out an Amex card, I am not so lucky or should I say up there with the big dogs like SOME REGULAR MEMBERS HERE... LOL. Thanks for sharing your credit experiences with us, that will encourage others to apply or walk away due to your honest response.
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