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Written by: dhaz on 2009-04-18

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dhaz's review:

The more I read about this card, the more I wanted it. I finally "pulled the trigger" once my last card got a year old. I have read that Discover is both stingy and picky, but I didn't think I would have much of a problem with 780+ scores and several other $30K cards, but that I soon found out. I applied on line thinking I would get automatic approval. Got the "please call us" response for more info. I called and they wanted income verification. I was taken back... And almost told them to go "fly a kite". But decided to go ahead and fax pay stubs and was immediately approved. I got my card and LOVE it. The customer service is excellent, their website top notch, and their rewards are "best of breed". Not disappointed one bit so far, and thinking it was worth the trouble..


Comment 1 by thomas1
DISCOVER on 2009-04-18

Yes, Discover is a very conservative bank. That is why they are not hurting at all with this economic credit mess.

I really love mine, I use it almost exclusively now. I have had mine for 7 months now, and just got an increase from 4k to 4800. Increases are generally around the 6 month range, and don't call to ask for one because they will hard pull your report again.

Keep utilization low with them as well. That's what they have told me. You need to watch for the cashback categories for each quarter and sign up for them. They run different promos during the year where you can earn 5% on target spending up to the first $200. But, I think its the best card out there as far as the rewards.

Congrats on your approval!!
Comment 2 by eldarwen
Congrats! on 2009-04-20

Congrats on the card! Discover is a little picky and conservative. That is how they managed to pretty much stay out of the subprime mess and come out rather well. I would recommend that you do sign up for the 5% back deals. You are not automatically signed up for them every time they change.
Comment 3 by dhaz
Thanks on 2009-04-20

Thanks all for your advise. Greatly appreciated.
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