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Written by: emrys927 on 2009-03-27

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emrys927's review: Callout Comment You must use the card as a credit card (signature transaction) in order to avoid the ninety-five cent transaction fees they charge. Also, if you use this card to pay for gas at the pump, you will incur an initial preauthorization of $50. It's better to go inside and pre-pay your gas with cash. Another problem I've seen with this card is the locations they list where you can load cash onto the card. Their locator service stated that Homewood, Alabama's Wildwood Wal-Mart would load the card with cash for me. I tried twice to load the card there and three different people (one of them a manager) told me that they'd never heard of the card or the company and refused to load it. I have tried to contact the company to at least let them know that one of their listed locations will not work, but learned that I would incur a charge for calling customer service and there is no email contact on their site. If you want them to know anything, you'll have to pay the customer service charge or snail mail them.


Comment 1 by jerica
Rip Off Pre-pay Card User Icon on 2009-03-27

Remarks This card sounds terrible like a nightmare, are you using this card as a rebuilder of some sort, I would not even bother with this card, if you can try for a secured card which is a rebuilder card with much better options instead of trying to take away every dollar you have.
Comment 2 by wildrage2
Alternative To Bank Account User Icon on 2009-03-27

Remarks I'm pretty sure that the primary customer for a card like this is someone with a derogatory mark on ChexSystems. If you overdraft a bank account and never pay it off, they will give you a negative mark. Having a negative on this system will prevent you from opening a bank account for 7 years.
Comment 3 by emrys927
No User Icon on 2009-03-28

Remarks I'm not using this as a "rebuilder". I am now disabled thanks to Stage IV cancer and needed a direct deposit option that didn't charge me the monthly service fees my bank did. At least their direct deposit incurs no fees. I researched several options but apparently didn't read carefully enough, so I reviewed the card here to warn others about what they might be getting into with it.
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