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Written by: nwalker30 on 2009-03-09

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nwalker30's review: Callout Comment I just applied for the American Express green card and was denied. I decided to give the walmart card a try since I shop there alot. I was approved with a credit limit of $800! I was very surprised since everyone has reported low limits on this card. The apr is 19.87 but who cares since I will pay in full. Last time I checked my score at transunion, it was @660. I think the other credit reports are about the same.

Ps. I know I have been gone from this site for awhile. I've been stressed.


Comment 1 by mrrob
Congrats User Icon on 2009-03-09

Remarks Congrats on getting this card
Comment 2 by interjack
Reason For Denial User Icon on 2009-03-09

Remarks What was Amex's reason for their denial?
Comment 3 by meya
Nice Limit! User Icon on 2009-03-09

Remarks Way to go Buddie! Yeah we did miss you and hope you get better soon. Thanks for stopping back in to see us, all of us fell short of the credit club thingy, so we just started over (still some temps going on in there... Lol) Welcome to the Walmart family, where cli's are slumped... Lol. KIT!
Comment 4 by charonh
Congrats!! User Icon on 2009-03-10

Remarks On your approval. I would like a Wal-mart card, but I've never considered applying, because of the low intial limits they usually offer. You have given me hope, not that I'm going to apply anytime soon, but its good to see someone else getting approved with a decent limit. Enjoy!
Comment 5 by colonative
Congrats User Icon on 2009-03-10

Remarks On your new card, always nice to be approved after being declined.

Charon: if you credit is good then you will probably get the Wal-Mart Discover with a higher limit.
Comment 6 by nwalker30
Thanks All User Icon on 2009-03-10

Remarks Interjack, Amex denied me because of a collection account and my balances on some of my credit cards are high compared to the limit.
Comment 7 by rockin35
Thats Right Colonative User Icon on 2009-03-10

Remarks Thats right, when I got the Walmart card only, I was approved for $800 credit limit and a year later, I went into the store and applied at the cashiers check out line and got approved for the Walmart Discover card with a $2000 limit. You will definetly like the card, you may think the apr is high, but with Walmart purchases, I tend to pay them off every month. Congrats!!! Rockin35
Comment 8 by brian23
Nice Limit.... User Icon on 2009-03-12

Remarks And congrats on the card too...
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