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Written by: misskim26 on 2009-03-08

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misskim26's review: Callout Comment Well after reading everyone good reviews from the HOOTERS MASTERCARD I thought that I would give it a shot! And guess what??? I got APPROVED 500 CL with an annual fee of 32 dollars. The process was easy and smooth and they sent my card within 3 days and yes I did get the 7-10 DAY MESSAGE


Comment 1 by rockin35
Good CL User Icon on 2009-03-08

Remarks Thats a good credit limit for a Restaurant chain card.

Customer service has given me a headache in the last 4 months. I set up autopay with them when I got the card last year, only used it maybe 3 times in the year 2008. D

uring the December month, my autopayment did not deduct. Called Customer service and was told I never had it. I then instructed the rep to tell me when and how my last two payments were made... And sure enough... By AUTOPAY!!!. They couldn't figure out what happened to the Dec 2008 setup and why my bank information had been deleted and my auto setup had to be set up all over again online. I got late fees that they removed, and wrote a letter to Merrick Bank because I didn't want them to up my APR. So far, no response from Merrick Bank, and I no longer use the card.

My advice, if you set up autopay to this card, just be sure to check it each month and also include the email notifications. From my understanding this is a generous bank as long as you keep your account in good standing. Congratulations!!! Rockin35!
Comment 2 by eugene66
Congrats! User Icon on 2009-03-08

Remarks On your approval and use it and pay in full every month and you will see a cli in 6 months plus. I just received my second one after seven months after my first one. I did notice that after my first year they started a monthly breakdown of my annual fee(39).
Comment 3 by misskim26
Thanks User Icon on 2009-03-08

Remarks Thanks Rockin35 !

Sorry about your experince but I am glad you gave me a heads up on that
Comment 4 by colonative
Congrats User Icon on 2009-03-08

Remarks On your new card Miss Kim. I love it when women get this card!
Comment 5 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2009-03-08

Remarks Congrats on your approval, and welcome to the Hooter's Family! Take a close look at your contract and make sure that your annual fee is billed either monthly $32/12 months or is the fee upfront. This is important if you tend to not use the card often because we overlook it, and then you will be billed a late fee if you don't pay it. Please keep us posted in the comments with your overall usage of the card. It is always good to hear updates, that is how we learn.
Comment 6 by mrrob
Congrats User Icon on 2009-03-09

Remarks Congrats on getting this card. My wife and I have this card and have not had any problems. I learned of the Hooters Card from this board, thanks to Meya and everyone else

Comment 7 by misskim26
Thank Everyone! User Icon on 2009-03-10

Remarks Iam glad I found this website I was wondering... Can anybody tell me a good store card I should get? The only reason I want one is to have a mixture of credit... Target denied me for some stupid reason, so did wal-mart any other places?? Last time I checked my EQ 635 and Trans 660
Comment 8 by meya
Hi Misskim26 User Icon on 2009-03-10

Remarks We can better explain this over to the Network, which is provided below. On this side of the Network, we add reviews or updates to cards that we were approved/denied for, and we comment on members postings. I will give you 2 links to follow:

1. Credit Card Questions http://www.financeglobe.com/FN/showthread.php?402

2. Nice cards to apply for http://www.financeglobe.com/FN/showthread.php?361&highlight=nice+cards+apply

Please follow the first link first, that link is for all questions that you may have for any credit card. We are waiting for you!
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