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Written by: raphael on 2007-08-14

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raphael's review: Callout Comment The review from this WebSite (Finance Globe) is NOT ACCURATE! I applied and got a pending, then instant approval for the Business Gold Card. My FICO score with Equifax is 700, Experian is 686, and TransUnion is 653. So that's a middle score of 679. Another factor that may have helped my approval for the Gold Card is that I have routinely carried high balances on existing Visa and MasterCard accounts and always paid them off within 1-3 months from the initial high balance date. In my opinion, I do have stellar credit and don't understand why my FICO score isn't any higher but it is what it is. I have very low balances if any on all revolving credit cards for the last several months now.

Anyway, I applied for the Amex One Card first with an instant approval, then immediately applied for the Amex Business Gold Rewards Card. My Gold Card application was not approved instantly however, was pending. I was instructed by the Amex Website to call their 800 # and speak with an Amex agent directly after I completed my online application. The Amex agent simply asked me what my company name was (And yes, I stated my company name in the online application) and when I verified that information, she approved it with no other questions asked.

Thanks Amex!!!


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Raphael User Icon on 2007-08-14

Remarks Hi Raphael, I clearly understand what you are talking about but, you stated that your scores were lower than what Financial Globe stated and was approved. Financial Globe did not state that the scores had to be exactly, they stated, "A FICO score of at least 715 is recommended for a higher chance of approval for the Business Gold Rewards Card from OPEN(SM), but is not required. There are a number of other factors that this issuer may also consider when making decisions for approval." If you take a look at the Juniper Travelocity Mastercard, I was approved with scores nearly points below the requiremenr. My score was
634 but I had "Other fctors that the issuer had considered." There are cards that people have applied for here and was not approved with lower and higher scores in comparison to what Financial Globe Stated, but when it comes down to the company itself chosing you as a candidate, they have their own means for approving/disaproving individuals. Some may have high utilization, too may credit cards, too amny inquiries, or not enough time history with creditors and have scores well over 650-700. We are glad that you posted here for the card and I want to say Congradualtions on your two approvals. In the future stop back in and keep us posted about your experiences with the card. There are a lot of us in here that are not qualified for an AMEX and I am one of them :(. In the near future when I do become qualified, I will like to know more about individuals experiences with AMEX Business Cards.
Comment 2 by anonymous
Very Accurate User Icon on 2007-08-16

Remarks I really agree with Meya. I feel that the recommended score is a great way to know if you are in the right ballpark. I applied for 3 cards within the past 12 months and found the tool to be right on. I applied for this card and was under the minimum FICO and was disapproved. The other 2 cards that I applied for were approved (I was right at the minimum recommended FICO) and was approved with credit limits of $500 and $1000, which I believe shows that I barely made it for the issuers approval criteria.

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