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Written by: ken38104 on 2009-03-02

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ken38104's review: Instant On-Line approval when I applied. Initially low credit limit, However they offer frequent limit increases-with consistent timely payment.

Here's the catch -- YOU must initiate the limit increase by phone request every quarter, then the max is $100.00 per year, again with excellent history,

No complaints with this card or the issuer.


Comment 1 by brian23
Congrats Ken.... on 2009-03-02

Is this card a part of Plains Commerce bank? I used to have their card and I really got tired of the $100 per year increase. Plus the card I think maxes out at $2000. Are you new to rebuilding? If so, you should probably try CapOne after a year of clean payment history with them.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Try Capital One... on 2009-03-07

A good alternative to the high cost/fee cards. Great for rebuilding. Really hope even credit challenged people go after Capitalone, Household Bank or Orchard Bank. They report and treat you with some respect. Note, customer service is with an accent...!
Comment 3 by mrrob
Try Another on 2009-03-09

If you can get either Capital One, Orchard Bank, Bank of America or Hooters, I would get them, they don't have the fees that the Total card has
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