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Written by: kimmiee78 on 2009-03-01

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kimmiee78's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card yesterday in hopes of doing a balance transfer. I have approx $13,000 in cc debt from 3 other cards that I wanted to transfer to this BOA card since they are offering 15 months - 0% interest at the moment.

I got a message saying it was unable to approve my request at this time and that they would mail me more information in 7-10 days.

I am assuming I got declined. I am hoping they do not send me a card with a low credit limit or something.

The ONLY reason I was applying was to do a balance transfer.

My credit scores are between 661-690.



Comment 1 by colonative
BofA Approval Process User Icon on 2009-03-01

Remarks Try calling the Credit Services department at 1-866-530-9825 Monday through Friday 8am -9pm EST.

See if or why you were declined and see if they will reconsider. Maybe if they hear that you planned on consolidating they will reconsider.

Do you have an existing BofA? I have heard that they have become a lot more strict about their credit lines lately and if you have an exisitng BofA they might tell you that you have the highest credit line available at the bank already. They might inform you that they will have to take credit from your exisiting BofA to fund the new account.

Let us know what happens. It is worth a call to Credit Services since you used an inquiry.
Comment 2 by kimmiee78
Auth User On BoA Card.. User Icon on 2009-03-01

Remarks Thanks for the advice!

My husband has a BoA world points card that he used for a balance transfer a couple years ago. It has been paid off and has an avail credit line of around $23,000.

I am an Authorized User on this account - so maybe that is why I am being declined?
Comment 3 by colonative
Auth User User Icon on 2009-03-01

Remarks As an authorized user you aren't responsible for that account or anything associated with it. So I don't think that would have any bearing on the new account. But you never know these days.

I just think it is the economy; the banks, even the good ones, are acting strangely.

Let us know what happens if you call them.

Good luck!
Comment 4 by sethatco
Watch Out For BOA User Icon on 2009-03-03

Remarks They are in bad shape and dropping credit lines as well as closing accounts out. I would still like to know where the bail out money is going if they are suppose to be making credit available yet closing out accounts and lowering CL of long time customers. They have pissed off countless people, they government needs to let skank of American and every other bank whos fat lazy CEO ran the company into the crapper fail. The US is a capital market system for a reason. New banks will rise the that is how the econ will recover.
Comment 5 by wanderer
Bank Of America Is In Deep ....! User Icon on 2009-03-05

Remarks For your information Bank of America is in deep trouble and more than was originally known. The US Federal Reserve is watching to see if a total bank take over will be required (more than the share of preferred stock they hold now). As we all know, banks are acting strangely since every day is an unknown challenge. Don't expect too much today. The financial world is free falling without a bottom. DEPRESSION...!
Comment 6 by colonative
Merill Lynch User Icon on 2009-03-05

Remarks BofA was doing okay until they purchased ML. Not the wisest purchase and now they may pay dearly for it.
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