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Written by: c2008 on 2009-02-23

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c2008's review: Callout Comment I have had this card since December 07. My starting limit was 300.00, I asked for a CLI in July of 08. Surprisingly I wasn't approved, even when it was only my second card in a year. I paid both of my cards off every other month, my credit score went up, so I decided to apply for a CLI this past fall, they gave me a CLI of 100.00 and charged me 25.00. So I only received about a 75.00 increase. What's up with that?


Comment 1 by brian23
This Is So Strange.... User Icon on 2009-02-23

Remarks I have never heard of this from CapOne. You might not be talking to the right people. Did you call their back-door number to get the CLI?
Comment 2 by meya
Strange User Icon on 2009-02-24

Remarks This company does not charge for cli's, its either (again) a Yes or NO situation, with a letter of explanation. Cap1 is a rocker and we have heard only good news about them. Some have had bad experience with them in the past, only to receive another chance in the future. Cap1, to my knowledge, have never gave cli's in such a low amount. The lowest I have ever heard was $250-$300. You might want to give them a call again. Did you accept the cli?
Comment 3 by wildrage2
Confusion User Icon on 2009-02-24

Remarks I'm assuming that you're talking about the wrong card, as I just went over the terms of this card, and no CLI fee is mentioned. This sounds a lot more like Orchard Bank.
Comment 4 by colonative
Capital One = Love User Icon on 2009-02-24

Remarks I have never heard of them charging a fee for a CLI either-unless this is something new due to the economy but I don't think this sounds right.

Did you get the credit steps letter when you opened the account?
Comment 5 by c2008
Opps... User Icon on 2009-02-24

Remarks Hi Guys,

I meant to say that they have been very tight with CLI's. I was going to do a card review on Orchard's bank CC. SOrrryy... About that... My scores are EQ-625, TU 645
Comment 6 by hjm331
RE: User Icon on 2009-02-27

Remarks You scared me there for a second. I thought the world was coming to an end.
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