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Written by: c2008 on 2009-02-23

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c2008's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card back in November 08, I was told to wait 24 hours, I called the 1800 number, they weren't even sure what to tell me, they said try again the following week. So, I called once again, again no answer! I finally decided to go instore to figure out if I was approved, I was told sorry, you need to apply again. After it was all over, I was shocked that they pulled twice in a week! I'm confused.


Comment 1 by meya
Need More Info! User Icon on 2009-02-24

Remarks When you get a chance, can you please provide us with your current scores? If you have some type of dings in your report, then you will receive messages like this (But should not be a run around type). You did not miss anything about this card, they actually did you a favor. They are stingy with cli's, and their store merchandises is very similar to Macy's (not saying this is a bad thing).
Comment 2 by c2008
CScores User Icon on 2009-02-24

Remarks My scores are EQ-625, TU-645. I actually only have about 7 inquires for 08-09. No recent baddies since 2003, my fault with a phone bill. Great payments since 2005. Yeah, I was going to forget Dillards, I've been hearing that they are cutting CL's
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