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Written by: meya on 2007-08-13

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meya's review: Callout Comment I have had this card (just to boost up credit scores) It's cool to have but the apr is 23%. I took my family out to their restaurant and my children were going "woohooo, and whispering in each other ear." The rewards are great and if you MEN want a legal view where your girlfriends/wives will give you permission at instead of a strip bar, go ahead and give it a shot. They also pull from Transunion and gives people with dings in their credit a second chance. I am a witness! Lmao


Comment 1 by anonymous
Re:Meya Apllied Also User Icon on 2007-08-13

Remarks I hear this is also a good card for reestablishing credit. And they will increase your limit too. Hey meya, merrick bank wanted me to send something to them to verify my name, address, ssn# to protect against fraud(Patriot-Act). Do you know anything about this and also I was wondering if they have already pulled my Transunion report already and just need more info to make sure it's me. Tell me what you think.
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Unknown User Icon on 2007-08-14

Remarks No, I am not for sure about the identitiy verification step. I did not have to send this in. Did you recently move or something? Go ahead and fill it out for them and let me know the results. I believe you are going to have some action because they would have never took you this far. I have my fingers crossed for you!
Comment 3 by anthony
Approved User Icon on 2007-08-23

Remarks Meya,

Thanks for the heads up on this card. I applied last night and was approved for 1K. I am disappointed with the low CL though.

This is definitely my lowest CL and the highest interest rate on a major card. The plus is that I didn't have any established credit until December 2005.

Union Plus 4200
Discover 3000
US Airways 3000
Carnival 2500
Union Plus 2000

AAFES 7100
JC Penneys 1000
Sams Club 600
Carson Pirie 300

I've come a long way.
Comment 4 by meya
Re: Anthony User Icon on 2007-08-23

Remarks Wahooo! Way to go babaaay, you came a long way from "Starbucks"... Lol You have nice limits on your cards and have cards that will deny me with the quickness. You are rolling with the big dogs now. Congradualtions. Ps, when you visit Hooters, keep your EYES on your PLATE... LMAO
Comment 5 by eric
Hey Meya User Icon on 2007-08-25

Remarks Thanks for the advise about this card. I did apply for it the last time me and you conversed on IM. The website told me that they had to do further processing of my application (aka decline me lol) and I received the card today in the mail for $1500 limit, NO annual fee and 11.99% apr... Not too shabby... My wife called me at work today asking me what the hell I was getting from Hooters in the mail because on the back of the envelope it says Hooters credit LMAO... I wanted the travelocity card but couldn't find it on the site. Anyways if you have the site address Meya or anyone for Travelocity... Im me with it or let me know. I do need to stop getting new credit cards because over the last 15 months Ive opened 14 or 15 NEW accounts. Anyways I will review the card fully if and when I use it. Eric
Comment 6 by meya
Re: Eric User Icon on 2007-08-27

Remarks Wahooo! Way to Eric, I didn't mean for your wife to nearly pull out the kitchen frying pan on you. Tell her the truth, you slipped, fell, and accidently hit the submit button... Lmao. I will send the Travelocity site to you in the IM. You have a good APR, most of the approvals I have been hearing is in the 20's, but then again OUR CREDIT ISN'T LIKE YOUR'S lol. Pretty soon Hooter's is going to be making some serious money but little do they know, the majority will be from credit rebuilders... Lmao!
Comment 7 by eric
Re:Meya User Icon on 2007-08-27

Remarks Hey Meya. Thanks for the info... Also remember Im in the rebuilding stage of my credit as well... Just gotten lucky I guess lol.
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