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Written by: bobby43 on 2009-02-12

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bobby43's review: Callout Comment I was approved for $5,000. Instant on-line decision & amount. My I was denied the first time I applied with score in the 620's do to a delinquet student loan. My scores much higher this time, low 700's.


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: User Icon on 2009-02-12

Remarks Congrats on the new approval! Make sure you buy something from them in order to start reporting and I heard that you have to have a balance on their account every month for them to report monthly. I don't have the card myself but that's what I've heard.
Comment 2 by brian23
Congrats.... User Icon on 2009-02-12

Remarks This seems to be the hot commodity around here. Lol...

HJM, I have not heard that you must have a balance for them to report. Was that information posted somewhere else on the forum?
Comment 3 by patrick12
Credit Reporting User Icon on 2009-02-12

Remarks As a proud Kay Jewelers card holder I can tell you they do report even if you don't use it, I was approved in November and they are already reporting to all three bureaus! Also wanted to tell you guys I just bought a 2003 Cadillac CTS at 4.99% through a credit union so again, thanks for all your help, credit relief is on the way!!! Scores this week 522 TU, 604 Equ, 514 Experian
Comment 4 by meya
Way To Go! User Icon on 2009-02-12

Remarks Nice limit, that is exactly what they gave me. This is a nice card to have and the customer service is awesome. They just sent out some nice coupons for us, so if I were you I would call and have them to send you some. Hate to say it, but, I do believe that you might not be on time for this weekend sale, but give them a call and see if they can send you out some other type of coupons. I am a coupon freak, can't shop without them... Lol

NO! You do not have to have a balance for them to report, they started reporting on my credit report every since I had applied for the card. I just called my sis hjm, she has had a zero balance for two months and she confirmed that they are still reporting on her Cr.
Comment 5 by wanderer
Kay Jewelers User Icon on 2009-02-16

Remarks Impressed at how they step forward to help people. Afraid if I qualified for such a card from them, Meya might expect me to use it instead of sock drawing it.
Comment 6 by meya
Re: Wanderer User Icon on 2009-02-16

Remarks You mean to tell me that you have not received one yet? I could have sworn you was approved for a cool limit. Maybe that was someone else. We had some good sales going on for valentines day, what's up with that? I know you got to go in there and whip it out on them for at least a $99 purchase or something!

Hey, check this out, this is one thing I did forget to mention. I hate one little thing that they do, when I go in there to purchase something (small of course) they always swipe your card, look at your balance and come back with, "You sure you don't want to purchase something else, you have a nice credit limit!" That pisses me off, what ever I asked for, is what I want. It seems like they have too much access to your account. I don't think it is none of the sales person business how much is on your account, what matters is you getting an approval code or not.
Comment 7 by tanyia
Kays Jewelers User Icon on 2009-02-16

Remarks Meya, You are right I went in about 3 months ago I wanted the silver earrings with diamonds in it, it was on sale for 69 dollars I handed the sales person my card I knew she checked my account she came back over and said I have some better earrings for you to look at since you have a limit of $5000 I said no thank you all I want are my $69 earrings she tried to sell me rings necklaces to match my earrings it was quite comical.
Comment 8 by lindalu
Who Do They Pull? User Icon on 2009-02-18

Remarks Anyone know who they pull? And if anyone has gotten approved with a bk... I have 3 collections on my report but they are all medical. My scores have gone up some so I was hoping to get something with a large limit to help with utilization and to bring up my scores and open more doors.

Comment 9 by meya
Re: LindaLu User Icon on 2009-02-18

Remarks They pull from TU and EQ heavily. It is rare that they pull from EX. Here is a link to where you can find out which cc company pulls from a certain cb. Just make sure you type in the name of the card:

Comment 10 by marie7
Kay User Icon on 2009-02-26

Remarks I applied and was denied, but I did get approved for a Crown Jewelers Card and it has been reporting and increasing my scores, so I don't need it right now. I may try again in 6 months.
Comment 11 by lindalu
Applying Through The Mail User Icon on 2009-03-08

Remarks I have tried several times to apply online... I finally got a message that the website security certifiate is not confirmed or something like that... Know everyone says go in and apply but I don't want to be humiliated if I am turned down. So I was walking through the mall and they have a stand with applications you could take and mail in... So I did... I mailed it a little over 2 weeks ago... Don't see anything on my credit monitoring report yet that they did an inquiry yet but I did find out that the one time on line I tried to apply I seen a soft pull on my report through experian but I got error message so don't know what that meant. So I was wondering if anyone else has ever applied through the mail and if so how long did it take to hear something? Also I read on who gavemecredit.com that someone said when they applied for jared's right after getting approved for kays that it wasn't another credit line and that it is shared between kays and jareds... Can anyone confirm either way? if it is 2 separate and I am approved this will SO help my utilization. Thanks! Sorry this is so long
Comment 12 by skeewee08
Frist Try User Icon on 2009-04-27

Remarks I just tried on line and got a message stating that they will email me a decesion in 1hour. My TU is 647
Comment 13 by skeewee08
First Try User Icon on 2009-05-08

Remarks They said they couldn't verify my husbands work#?

TU is #648 EQ 644 EX?
Comment 14 by meya
Call In! User Icon on 2009-05-08

Remarks I would call them again and tell them to give it another try.coming to think of it, I do recall one of my coworkers telling me, "Are you getting ready to file bk?" I'm like, "Excuse me!" He told me that someone called in to verify my info, but he forgot who it was. That was the day that I was at Kay's and I do believe that they called my job to verify.

I would not let that go especially when we have to take a hard pull. I would have them to try again. Who knows, his paperwork probably went into the hands of someone who was rushing to the bathroom or was getting ready to clock out.
Comment 15 by skeewee08
First Try User Icon on 2009-05-08

Remarks Meya do you have a # for them ?
Comment 16 by meya
Using My Card User Icon on 2009-05-08

Remarks On the back of my card, it says 1-800-877-3616. I have not heard of a back-door number for these peoples. Keep us updated with any new info. Good Luck~!
Comment 17 by skeewee08
Fisrt Try User Icon on 2009-05-09

Remarks Thanks for the # will call first thing in the Morning and will let you know:-)
Comment 18 by meya
LoL User Icon on 2009-05-09

Remarks You already did, I am just smiling for you... Lol!
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