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Applicant Details: w998afr on 2012-09-30

Approval Status

bk7 dischg 2/2010. got cap1 sec card 12/2011. cap1 credit line is $3K now. trick is pay card before statement is cut. stay under 19% UTIL% or score goes down. my next goal dillards elite, i have to chg $5K/year to get the card.

Basic Info  
Date of Credit Decision: 09-2012
Instant Decision? No
Credit Limit: $400
APR: 22.99%
Annual Fee: $0
Financial Status  
Household Income: $55,000
Housing Status: Rent
Bankruptcy: 2 Years Ago (As of 2012-09-30)
Credit Limit and Rate Changes  
Date Last Updated: 2012-09-30
Credit Limit Total With Change: N/A
New Annual Fee: N/A
New APR: 22.99%

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