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Written by: apwhitelaw on 2013-08-04

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Sorry for long review but I went through my credit history for comparison and also for you to see how easy this was. The last paragraph is about the Paypal Card.

My credit history started right at the beginning of April of this year. I am very new and I am only 19 years old, but I know how to work a credit card so I'm not getting myself into a load of debt.

I applied for two different credit cards first, one was a student Discover It card, and I had no history and was only at a community college, so they did not accept. I believe the one after that was Citi Bank, and it said I had too many recent credit card inquiries(apparently 1 is too many). Looking at emails, it appears this was in December of 2012.

Now in April of 2013, I applied for the Capital One secured credit card. Secured credit cards are a good way to start because it lets people with bad credit(or none, which is basically the same to companies) history rebuild their credit since you have to make a deposit and only have a low line of credit. I was approved, and paid $50 for a $200 credit line, anything more that I paid would up the credit line. When you cancel the card you get your deposit back.

So then I went to Target today and applied for a credit card there. I already had a debit card there, but I wanted to see if I could get approved for the credit card. Target has changed their credit cards and now they only work at Target(unless you still have one from before). Not sure if you can still get the credit card that works anywhere.

So I'm not sure if that is as big of an impact on your credit score or not since it only works there, but this was in the same day as I applied for the Paypal Extras. I got an email saying "Get a 10 Second Credit Decision" and I looked on Google(which eventually led me here) and saw people getting approved with about the same credit score. My credit history is still fairly new, only 3 months or so, but yet last I looked at my credit report it said 704. Anyways, I decided I'd give it a shot. In less than a minute I had a $2000 credit line. Just checked my credit score again and it went up to 708.

Thanks Paypal. Hope this post helps you guys. It's worth a shot.

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Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Instant $2000 Credit Line Approval on 2013-08-05

Congratulations! Great review. Thanks for giving readers how it works. Many others especially students will be facing the same challenges with school starting soon. Best of luck!
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