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Written by: robertsgirl0625 on 2012-11-09

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I went to the Victoria's Secret website to buy a few items for my daughter. I went to check out and it offered me a pre-approval for $350.00. I had only entered my name and address and the pre-approval box popped right up. I did at first though add 2 things to my bag to check out and that's when it popped up. It took all of maybe 2 minutes and I applied and was approved immediately. Will receive my card within 10 days. I suggest this card to people rebuilding their credit. I'm building mine. I've never really had any credit cards but I am glad this one was so easy to get with a small limit. Don't care for a large credit line. I would highly recommend this card for people who shop at this store a lot.

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Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Pre-approved At Check-out on 2012-11-12

Congrats! Good starting limit. Department store cards do not have as large credit limits since they are more singular in there usage. They also tend to run higher interest but if you pay in full each month it is unimportant. Should you find the limit increasing beyond your comfort zone ask them to reset it.
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