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Written by: dave333 on 2011-03-13

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Read all reviews, decided to try my luck, was instant approval online, had to go to lowes home page though to fill out application. Filed bankruptcy in sep. 2008, was turned down for Citi, discover, American Express, penneys and home depot, reason stated was because of bankruptcy. I haven't checked my scores lately but all were around 700, transunion last time I looked was 698 but all had to be lower considering all the cards I've been applying for. Credit limit was $400.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Instant Approval on 2011-03-13

Congrats! You are acquiring the type of credit file that builds FICO Score points (bank loans, home loans, bank credit cards, department store cards, etc).
Comment 2 by joeyman
Re: Instant Approval on 2011-03-13

Congrats on the approval this is a great start. I would stay away from all the prime cards (AMEX, etc.) right now, as your bankruptcy is still new. You may try opening a secured card in a few months with your normal bank because they can see your cash in savings and checking, while also seeing all the past rapport you have. You may already have other cards because your scores are actually good. I would defiantly stay away from applying for anything for a bit because you want to keep those inquiries down.
Comment 3 by mrrob
Re: Instant Approval on 2011-03-14

Congrats on getting the Lowes card, it's a slow process rebuilding but hang in there
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