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Written by: kforbes86 on 2010-10-02

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I received a pre-qualify offer for this card in the mail. I have a savings account with this bank, and my parents have used them for all of theire loans and banking for many years.

I couldn't really spare an inquary, but I am in the process of closing my re-builder cards andweeding my cards down to the ones that will grow with me over the long-term. I figured this would be good to get another prime card that will grow with me. I hit the submit application button and it said "processing" for a long time, then came up and said..."your conditionally approved." please call first interstate card services at (406) 255-5000 during normal banking hours."

I will be calling them monday morning and hoping it is good news. I need to roll myself right over to the credit addicts club and let the good cards I have age.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Pre-qualify Offer..... on 2010-10-02

Congrats!!!... You could work this card into a good one. They have great aprs, no annual fees and "Scorecard" for benefits. What were your scores at the time? Seems they say FICO 727?
Comment 2 by kforbes86
Re: Pre-qualify Offer..... on 2010-10-02

My scores are around 690-695 on all 3. I am excited to have some prime cards that will grow with me. Re-building is paying off.
Comment 3 by colonative
Re: Pre-qualify Offer..... on 2010-10-04

Wow, I didn't know they issued cards. This is not the same 1st Interstate that was the original; they got merged into what is now Wells Fargo.
Comment 4 by wanderer
Re: Pre-qualify Offer..... on 2010-10-04

First Interstate is in Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. The financial is rated four stars and that is mighty good. Great place to be! Oh, did you call and what were the results?
Comment 5 by kforbes86
Re: Pre-qualify Offer..... on 2010-10-04

I did call and had to do an identity verification. Credit line set at $1,000 to start. I should be getting credit limit increases soon. Too. They said after around 6 months for the first one as long as the account has been managed well.
Comment 6 by wanderer
Re: Pre-qualify Offer..... on 2010-10-05

Super! You are now off and running. I am sure you feel great now and you should! On the road to good bank cards.
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