"Low Credit Limit And $39.00 Fee": My Best Buy® MasterCard® Review

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Written by: terryautin on 2010-08-31

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I got the bill before I even activated my card. It was $39.00 annual fee due right away and the limit for the card, which I had not even used yet was only $500.00. Yeah... I did not activate the card and canceled it and paid the devil their $39.00. I will never go into Best Buy again.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Low Credit Limit And $39.00 Fee on 2010-09-02

WOW! You started with a $500 CL. Not bad for this card! Congrats! Use it and push for CL's. They are not known to be high CL grantors but, it opens doors for other cards!
Comment 2 by colonative
Re: Low Credit Limit And $39.00 Fee on 2010-09-04

I would have kept the account open for a year to make the inquiry and the $39 fee that you paid worth it. After a year, call them to see if they can waive or reduce the annual fee.

Since you did close the account, I would suggest writing to them to have the trade line deleted from your credit report so it does not affect your score having a brand new account. It may or may not work, but worth a shot.
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