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Written by: binks on 2010-08-11

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Applied online and was instantly approved for $5,000. Two paid collections due to fall off next year, 2 paid judgments also due to fall off next year. Otherwise a very clean history. Several inquiries within the last year and two years.


Comment 1 by colonative
Re: Instantly Approved, $5,000 on 2010-08-12

Congrats on your approval.

Are you in an area where PNC is new? (Meaning a previous National City area).
Comment 2 by locnguyun
Re: Instantly Approved, $5,000 on 2010-08-12

Comment 3 by joearg29
Re: Instantly Approved, $5,000 on 2010-08-15

Congrats! I have always wanted a PNC card, I have heard good things about them but sadly they have no branches in Texas. I have heard they are credit sticklers, what were your scores at time of App? Again congrats
Comment 4 by bobbyjoe49
Re: Instantly Approved, $5,000 on 2012-03-23

I am in north carolina,but i have never heard of this card before PNC so its nice to see a new thing or two. however i was looking for credit cards like $5,000 mastercard and a $5,000 visa card to have both to make it total of $10,000 credit total i dont know where to find this. i know they charge a feel like $29.99 or $39.99 if anyone knows about that let me know i would really like to get a card but because of credit history no one can get cards now they get turned away from it.....i got turned down to many times all this time i was told hey bud get your own prepaid card thats all you get..... no cards i get laughed at by many of them who do that to me sad
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