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Written by: rwmtd on 2010-05-12

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I had a capital one card over ten years ago. So I decided to reapply and lo and behold I was approved. Mind you I applied for the secured card (and yes you can be denied a secured as well) I was suprised when I saw that I had been approved. I am still rebuilding my scores are rising bit by bit and they are exp 620, trans 600 and EQ 650.

Called customer service with my deposit info and I should be getting the card in the next couple of days.


Comment 1 by atthelake1
Re: They Gave Me Another Chance on 2010-05-12

I am surprised you didn't check the pre qualification page to see if they would approve you for a regular cap one card first. I am saying that b/c your scores are fairly decent.
Comment 2 by colonative
Re: They Gave Me Another Chance on 2010-05-13

Comment 3 by meya
Re: They Gave Me Another Chance on 2010-05-13

Congrats and welcome back!
Comment 4 by rwmtd
Re: They Gave Me Another Chance on 2010-05-13

Thanks everyone. @atthelake1 - I didn't want to take the chance I guess so I went for the secured.

@Meya, it is good to be back!
Comment 5 by joeyman
Re: They Gave Me Another Chance on 2010-05-16

Maybe they'll send you a pre-approval offer down the road for a regular card? I got a pre-approval offer from them back in December and applied, got it with a $1k limit (already $1.5k limit). I had 15 months credit history with scores from 680-712.
Comment 6 by kforbes86
Re: They Gave Me Another Chance on 2010-05-17

I wouldnt mind having a capital one card again, but I had a charge-off with them close to 5 years ago, and I don't want to apply and get denied because of the past charge-off.
Comment 7 by wanderer
Re: They Gave Me Another Chance on 2010-05-23

Fingers crossed. I had Capital One deny me for a personal credit card due to a chargeoff and BK 8 years ago. Good to know there may be an opportunity for a second chance. On the business side. Capital One gave me two accounts with CL's of $10.6K and $6K CL. So, I know they can be good to the account holder!
Comment 8 by vingstar
Re: They Gave Me Another Chance on 2010-08-21

IF you already have a secured card with them, is it possible to get a 2nd one?
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