"Free Flight On 1st Purchase": US Airways(SM) Dividend Miles Premier World MasterCard® Review

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Written by: d98lakefan on 2010-03-18

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I got this card to get free flight with us airways. I got 25000 bonus miles for my first purchase credit line was 1000 when I opened it back last April. I called the credit dept and got them to up to 3000. also got an extra 3000 miles for balances transfers. also when you 1st open card they have 0percent on balance transfers for few months but charge you 3 percent transaction fee. four months later got them to up my limit to 5000 and this let me qualify for the world MasterCard benefits. you also get one free entry into the usair club in the airports and you get an annual companion pass up to two people for 99.00 a piece. only thing that sucks is there annual fee of 79 but for the free ticket its worth is the first year I guess. plus with the world card benefits of usair miles start at 20000 instead of 25000. I just got my credit line up to 6000 this month. so if you fly us air and a member of there frequent flyer program I recommend it.

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Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Free Flight On 1st Purchase on 2010-03-18

Congrats! Great card. You know how to maximize the benefits. CL is great. You have the "World" Mastercard. There are definite perks when you cross into the more elite world. Enjoy! It feels good to know there are cards that grow with you.companion tickets for a flight during the colder months of the year to a nice warm place sounds attractive!
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