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Written by: k9corp123 on 2010-01-25

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Approved, But they do Not report to Credit agencies. What is the point then. High priced and you could purchase the products anywhere for what they want for the downpayment alone. Pointless


Comment 1 by hjm331
Re: Dont Report Your Credit on 2010-01-25

I believe they start reporting after you make your first purchase with them.
Comment 2 by brownfox79
Re: Dont Report Your Credit on 2010-01-25

They use to report after your 1st purchase, they no longer do. I have an account with them that was opened in 06/08, and I noticed it was removed from my credit reports on 09/09.

They are in a dispute battle with Experian and Transunion for not reporting their accounts.

I made my last payment on my balance with them on 11/09, and will not make another purchase until they resolve this issue or cancel my account due to none activity.

Exactly!, what is the point, if they do not report your tradeline.
Comment 3 by k9corp123
Re: Dont Report Your Credit on 2010-01-26

I Opened The Account and Then Questioned Reporting before I purchased anything at the outragous costs they wanted for the products. They emailed me stating that they no longer reported the credit, so I called and canceled the card. I made sure I let them know that they need to inform customers of this fraud... Because the only reason you would have the card was to pay a high price to have a 2500 high credit limit reported... That is the only thing that keeps this company in business... What a joke!!
Comment 4 by brownfox79
Re: My Question & Their Response on 2010-01-28


We are having some issues with TransUnion Credit bureau. We are no longer going to report to TU anymore.

Regarding Experian and Equifax we will not report to them as well.

If you can see our website it has been taken off the the site.

If you have questions, please feel free to write us back.

Thank you.


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To: diamonds@crownjewelers.com

Sent: Monday, January 18, 2010 7:55 PM

Subject: [SPAM]credit reporting

The following information was submitted to Crown Jewelers on 1/18/2010:

Account #: 2622XXXX

Order #: 0


Email: --------@yahoo.com

HomePhone: (XXX) xxx-xxxx

Work Phone: (XXX) xxx-xxxx

Comments: A few months back I respected your letter for not being contacted about recent credit reporting, and that the issue is being worked on. Now I've notice that this trade line has been wiped from my credit reports. How has your process of having your customer's positive payment history being restored come along?


Concerned Customer

I quess I'll let them close my account b/c I WILL NOT purchase their products if it's not being reported.

I hope this helped some of you to stay AWAY from CJ!
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