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Please be advised that we cannot guarantee that this information is accurate. You should always verify contact information from your account statements.
Providian National Bank
Customer service number is 1-800-647-8641

Customer Service

Secure Mode: 128 bit encryption Security Lesson: You should ensure that all information is sent and received by a SSL (secure sockets layer). We attempt to direct you to only secure pages to login to, unfortunately not all credit card issuers offer this important feature.

You can verify SSL in Internet Explorer or similar browsers by looking at the lower right portion of your browser. You should see a lock that you can click on to view detailed security information. As a starter, the website address will begin with http (note the "s"). Some pages may give you warnings, and sometimes it's just a small website error such as an image that isn't being viewed in secure mode, or it can be an invalid security certificate. We urge you to get the details of these problems before continuing to log in. More information can be found at thawte.com, verisign.com or similar website certificate issuers.





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