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    Default Let's Talk Weight!

    Meya SUPER MOD suggested that I begin a thread about weight, so here goes!

    I teach aerobics, swim lessons, and work out 6 days a week. Although, I am fit, I am still fat. I've had people walk into my class, stand next to me and ask where the instructor is... then I proceed to whip their tired (mostly thin, but flabby) behinds for an hour.

    They come in saying this fat girl can't teach me anything, b/c they do an hour on the Arc Trainer! 10 minutes in, they are ready to leave, wheezing! I host the most popular aqua-fitness class at my YMCA, and have been recruited for other locations. I am also certified as a YMCA fitness trainer.

    I was an athlete in high school and college, but steadily gained weight even with rigorous exercise and diet. At my heaviest I weighed 400lbs, got down to 288lbs then went back up to 315, now I'm back down to 302.

    Then I found out that I was hypothyroid! I've been so-called regulated on meds for 3 years, but haven't lost a pound b/c of it.

    Have any of you ever dealt with a weight issue that wasn't because of the food you ate or lack of exercise?
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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    302 hell yea i like that
    and i am not joking

    i know you are over there looking good in that 26 to 28
    nice thats whats up

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    i useto be 380lbs a wile ago and never took anything i have been a solid 240 for the past 14 years
    the drugs that they give you never work for me it was just will power
    and to be honest i eat fast food about 5 days out of a week
    not saying anyone should to that but it starts with how you feel about yourself and how you want to be.

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    Thanks for the compliment, actually Mousepad, I'm a size 22. Like I said, I work out every day darn near, so I'm toned, I just weigh a grip. My doc can't even figure it out. I have to get on the scale twice to confirm. Maybe I can find a fella to finance my lipo!

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    I have struggled with weight all my life and still struggling with it. My biggest thing is the bordom/stress eating and portion control. What really did not help is the medication that I was on caused me to gain a lot of weight as well, making me feel worse.

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    Hi Flatbroke, I hear what your saying. I played ball in college and continue to work out to this day 5 times a week. In my early 20's I used to Bodybuild at a weight of 225 at 6' 2" I wanted to get bigger so I ate and continued to eat. I got away from Bodybuilding and got into Powerlifting were being big helped in your lifts, i.e. Squats, Deadlifts, and Bench Press. I have put on a lot of muscle but when your over 300lbs you have a layer of fat. I hated doing cardio to get down to contest weight when I was younger and hate it today although I'm older and its more than just throwing around the weight.

    One thing I learned long time ago, its not what the instructor looks like, its where he/she can take you in meeting your objectives.

    The good thing Flatbroke is your doing what your doing and you have my respect. I always thought and continue to think that the hardest thing about working out is coming through the front door, after that its all down hill.

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    Oh yes, the ability to face my challenge of weight loss is about to be exposed

    Well with me, all my life I had always been what we call "Thick!" Big booty, small waist line average breast size and all that. I always bounced in between 150 and 180 but looked good. I had my first child in 2001 and gained a little over 200 lbs but went back down to 180. I had another child 10 months later and went to a whopping 311. I could not believe it, what happened to me? I went back down to 240 lbs but blew back up. In May 2008 I weighed myself and saw the scale over shoot the 300 lb mark and went into 322. That is when I broke down and said "Oh hell no" something have to happen here or I am going to die.

    I was denied Gastric Bypass twice, not only that I knew that I could not afford it but was going to struggle with making payments. then i thought why not go back to the Michael Thurman's 6 Week Body Makeover. Although I did not mention this above, it is a program that is not designed for me. I am an African American female who's family is from the south. We eat the collard greens boiled with ham hocks, yams, hot water corn bread, macaroni and cheese, with a onion on the side like it is going out of style. I can not eat breast meat and fish everyday, I never did care for white meat because it is too dry and that is what this plan consists of. The fruits was disgusting and I felt as though I was being tortured which caused me to cheat.

    What I decided was to loose it Meya's way, I gave myself 1 year to complete my goal which will consist of not depriving myself for what my body crave, but to cut down in what I was doing everyday and that was fast foods. I started an aerobic session in my garage with two other friends and my sister. We were doing George Foreman's "Walk it out" DVD, then it became too easy and boring, then we went to faster fat burning cardio Cd's (which had me screaming) and then we mastered those. Now we are doing the Billy Blanks Ab Boot camp, and I tell you, I don't think I see myself mastering that at all.

    We have had many people to join us, but they quit the same day and have excuses. My neighbor was like "I can do that, if you guys can do it, so can I" Yeah right, I had to pick her up twice to get back in motion. People think that because a person is fat, they are not fit, flatbroke we made them out of a lie. I am 280 lbs now (was 276 2 weeks ago but messed up) and I feel so much better than what I did before. My back no longer bothers me and my knees are much better. I cant wait to get back down in my size 14 and 16. I am going to be doing the rump shaker all over agian...lol. I am too short (5'3) to be as fat as I am but I finally owned up to the fact that I did this to myself and I am the only one who can correct it.

    My husband loves plus size women, but my thing is, would you still love me if I lost weight? I know he would but I think it is not about what he would like, its about how I feel about myself. I work out 5-6 days per week and I have slowed down tremendously with fast foods and junk like chocolates etc. Once per month I will crave chocolates, you know the Aunt Flow thingy (lol Pamela2), but other than that, I purchase the weight watcher's lemon cake which consist of 100 calories per cake. I do not fry my foods unless I am using a wok and I use soy flour and peanut oil when I do. People keep telling me that I should eliminate it all together but they are not the ones who have to loose weight and it is easier said than done. I took over 40 lbs off by doing it my way, and my way has not let me fail. If it takes for me to slip some baddies in every now and then, let me do it because I am the one who working my butt off everyday, not you. I hate it when 120 lbs person try to tell me what to do and they have never been fat a day in their life with a over powered metabolism.

    I am so happy to share this experience with you all and I believe this is going to be a good thread which will support all of us all together. We are doing more than rebuilding credit, we are trying to rebuild out body also. Flatbroke and everyone else, we can do this, we are some beautiful women, we just have to reshape the inside of us to make our esteem glow baaaaby!

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    Yay Meya I am so proud of you keep up the good work sister

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    You know my mom and her sister were full figured women. My aunt only became that way after she had 4 kids. My mom was always that way, small waist, big boobs, big booty and huge muscular legs . To tell you the truth sometimes I worry about putting on a lot of weight. I have put on more than my share. Like you Meya I am short about 5'4 or 5'5. That is why I am going back to the gym because I have put on weight and I love to eat .

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    Quote Originally Posted by mousepad View Post
    302 hell yea i like that
    and i am not joking

    i know you are over there looking good in that 26 to 28
    nice thats whats up
    I told yall Mousepad is a Mack LOL!!!!

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    no i am not a mack i just like what i like lol
    and please no Gastric Bypass please dont do that
    no one ever thinks about all that skin thats left over and i have seen it first hand and it does not look good at all, LAWD NO.

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    I am not that tall about 5 foot 4 or 5 foot 5, so any weight change can make the difference with me. My target weight according to my BMI should be 120 to 130. I am working on watching my portions and the stress eating. Working at a bakery makes temptation harder to resist.

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    @Eldarwen: I would be fired for eating every other cupcake!

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    Thanks Kmoney!

    If you two are not sensitive Eldarwen and Kmoney, can I ask how many lbs do you two weigh? Just curious since me and flatbroke threw it all out there. I do find people sensitive like my older sister who swears and is still in denial about her actual pds. I don't say anything to her but it looks stupid to say she weighs 250 and I know she weighs over 300. I want her to work out with me but she refuses to do it because I have my garage door open when I work out. I need some air and I do not care who look at me when they walk by.

    Hey flatbroke, you know they call us "the work out queens" It is so funny because I was at our local grocery store and the guy was like, you are the work out girls Hugh? I was like OK, I just heard that from someone else the other day, but yes I am. I like to hear people tell me, "Guuuurl you loosing weight Hugh?" It feels so good.

    You are right mousepad, that surgery stuff is horrible in the end. My girlfriend from down south had the surgery, she was over 400 lbs and was so low esteem right! She was complaining about being embarrassed to having romantic or intimacy with her boyfriend. Now that she lost the weight she is too embarrassed to show her arm, legs, face, and her boyfriend quit her. She said she look like a prune and would not recommend the surgery to anyone. I told her from the get go that surgery is for loser's because they think that they cheated the battle of loosing weight and working out. Well when that skin start to look like a pile of skin that was ripped off of 100 chicken thighs, they start to complain. I am taking mines down with a fight.

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    Default Re: Let's Talk Weight!

    Quote Originally Posted by flatbroke View Post
    @Eldarwen: I would be fired for eating every other cupcake!
    Girl you are crazy, the same here also.


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