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Thread: Banco de Oro

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    In our country this is the only bank that opens until 7:00 pm. Other banks are closed before 5:00 pm. Who has a bank account with this bank? Could you share how much is the fund transfer fee?

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    If you're referring to fund transfers via Xoom.com, their service charge is way below than Western Union. Their charge for a fund transfer of $50.00 is $5.00. I am receiving money regularly around $200.00 every transaction, and the service charge is $11.00.

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    No, Iím not referring to fund transfer via Xoom.com but rather fund transfer using a local bank called as Banco de Oro. Iím trying to find out if they had a lower transfer fee when I do collect my money because Iím not happy with the transfer fee of Metrobank.

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    i have never heard of Banco de Oro.Its not there in our country and as far as i know there is no bank here which opens after 5 pm.

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    I have never heard of that bank before. I know that in my area there are some banks that are open until 5 or 6 at night. Thank goodness that Chase is open that late.


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