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Thread: day trading?

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    hi i really had to do this, because this is only option for my next steps of growth, well i am doing paper stock day trading for sometime, my statergy is to buy when stock raising and sell immediately when it starts falling,
    any recommendations or suggestions on how best i can be in this?

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    Find yourself a good luck charm. :)

    Trying to beat the market by day trading is a tough thing to do. I have seen plenty of people get completely wiped out using a day trade system. If you do decide to do it make sure you trade with as little emotion as possible. Set up your rules and stick to them.

    Good Luck.

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    As far as my experience goes I too am of the view that it is very tough to earn well in day trading.Finally one ends up quits.Probably a very deep study of the stocks may help.It is said that in stock market the rule is that there is no rule.

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    i have also tried my hand in day trading but it was not worth doing for me. Its not a job of amateurs, it needs great experience and knowledge.

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