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    Default Difference Between "New Topic & "Post Reply"

    Hello members (Long Term and Newbies), just wanted to let you know the difference between New Topic and Post Reply. Not understand the two can cause deletion of your topics.

    New Topics___ This is where someone has valuable information to share among members. The topic is not a duplicate of another, and is not a QUESTION that can be answered in a continued thread (Post Reply). DO NOT start a NEW TOPIC until you have looked through the "Main Forums" and "Current Threads" to see if there is a duplicate of what you are about to start. For example, Lyyssa01 started a New Topic on Credit Union Credit Cards titled "Struggling to establish credit, Try Credit Unions". She shared valuable information that was not a duplicate of another thread. Please take a look at it http://www.financeglobe.com/SocialNe...op_id= 100372

    Questions-- "My friend, nephew, son, dad, mom, etc, has this or that problem what should I do? Or, I have this problem what should I do?" These are questons that can be asked anywhere on the "Related Thread" by simply clicking Post Reply. Do not start a "New Topic" for this. Now watch how questions can be started in a New Topic, Clifton started this New Topic 10/2007 which was a valuable question and not a duplicate. It is titled "When should you ask for a Credit Limit Increase?" http://www.financeglobe.com/SocialNe...op_id= 100064

    Please match your New Topics under the correct thread and make sure that it holds value for the next member to read! Please, Please Please, Title your New Topics with MAIN SUBJECTS! There are TOO MANY NEW TOPICS which DOES NOT describe what you started it for. Take a look at these New Topics that were not deleted, are titled with key subjects, and have nice info for investors in the Investment Forum, and one from a differnt Forum by mrsiprice.
    1. Scribbler: http://www.financeglobe.com/SocialNe...op_id= 100347
    2. Financial Globe: http://www.financeglobe.com/SocialNe...op_id= 100136
    3. scribes: http://www.financeglobe.com/SocialNe...op_id= 100371
    4. Liowkc: http://www.financeglobe.com/SocialNe...op_id= 100165
    5. mrsiprice: http://www.financeglobe.com/SocialNe...op_id= 100370

    Post Reply____ This is where you are responding to someone from a prior posting regardless to how far up it was. For instance, if someone wants to learn how to clear their debt, click Forum #7 "Debt and Bankrupcy" This thread is loaded with others who are in debt and is working their way out of it. You will find good info in there. Forum #6 "Building Credit" and Fourm #5 "Credit Histories and Credit Scores" will relate to the same thing because there are people with postings in there who is either in debt recovery, and on the road to sucessful credit. Look inside those Fourms until you see a thread that matches what you want to talk about and then just click Post Reply"

    Let's work together on this issue, remember we all came here new, and looking for some help or advice from FG postings. When we began reading postings we were looking for info according to the 14 Forums, its' titles, and subtitles. It was very annoying to read postings that were not related to the topic, and it was really irritating to keep scrolling multiple pages of Topics that were not Titled right. There are too many of these untitled topics to show, but lets start from here to correct it.

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    Default Re: Difference Between "New Topic & "Post Reply"


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