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    Hi everyone I'm new to the world of credit and credit cards, as I have not been 18 for long. Do you have to have a credit card to be able to build up credit? Can you get good credit from loans and things like a monthly phone bill contract?

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    I think you can help build up credit with loans. But I think you have to have an established credit history to get any type of loans. So it would be in your best interest to have a few credit cards to build up your credit history. When applying for credit they want to see you use different types of credit. SO having a couple of cards wouldn't hurt. As far as building up credit with monthly phone bill contrats, that wont help. Phone companies dont report to credit bureaus unless they dont get their money.

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    Hey MrsJPrice, I just turned 19 today and I know how you feel because I was in your shoes a year ago. Yes, you do you have to have a credit card in order to build some kind of history. Your chances of getting approved for a loan without a credit card history of any sort is very slim. Do you currently have a checking account? If you do, go to your local branch where you opened your checking account and ask if they have any credit card offers/promotions for people to build their credit.

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    I know this is off subject but,

    [color=red]HAPPY [color=yellow]BIRTHDAY LIL BRO!

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    HAPPY B-DAY HJM hope you had a great day

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100008
    I know this is off subject but,

    [color=red]HAPPY [color=yellow]BIRTHDAY LIL BRO!
    HJM Happy B-Day

    Meya be on top of everything lol

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    Thanks a lot everyone, I definitely appreciate it all the support. You guys have a special place in my heart, and in my sockdrawer jk!

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    Ohhh, I don't mind the sockdrawer, as long as the amex is in there! Put me in first....lol. There will be no room for Eric when you do!

    You are welcome bro, you know we got your back here.

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    Thanks for replying to my post. It's a shame I can't build credit without actually having to get a credit card. I'm so scared of getting a credit card as I don't want to do the complete opposite and get in debt and get bad credit. Does anyone have any good tips when it comes to choosing a credit card, I would probably look at the cheapest.

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    1. Capital 1
    2. Orchard
    3. Chase (no credit app)
    4. Discover Motiva or Road----it might redirect you to Direct Rewards
    5. Travelocity MC
    6. Hooter's MC

    Since you are afriad and we all want to help you break that fear, once you get 2 approvals stop and focus on your cli. You might want to try a department store card also (at least one).

    I am here to tell you something, NO credit is the same as Bad Credit, so do not get discouraged if you get denials, we have other cards here for you to try out. IF you get your two approvals, I will say stop until you get the feeling of responsibility. This will help you to not make the same mistakes as before (if you had any).

    Hope this helps!

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    Oh Meya thank you so much for the information it's really helpful. I guess I best get on with it and start applying for some cards. I'll have a look through the ones you've mentioned here and see which one I like. Is there anyway you can check how much credit you have?

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    Before you do that? Do you have any credit in your name? Go to this site and get all 3 cr's and look at them "For Free":
    http://www.financeglobe.com/SocialNe...alcreditreport click "View Website" when you get there. There may be something on there that you never did.

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    You know its a shame but the world is such a place that you can't get by without a credit card. Renting a car, reserving a hotel room. buying airline tickets, shopping online all require a credit card now.

    The many times I have rented from AVIS and how they put a large hold on your credit card depending on the model you decide to rent.

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    This is the reason why I deal with Enterprise only. I was stranded in L.A. CA over Avis doing this to me. They put a $500 hold on a small bucket and I decided to get a bigger car because more people were traveling than expected. They took the car back and put me in a bigger one, and then re-authorized $600 on my card bringing me over the limit.

    When I got to the Hotel, I went to get something to eat and my card was declined because of the high authorizations. I had to call my ccc and they did me some justice by contacting AVIS in San Francisco so they could release the first authorization, but luckily the ccc did both. I was maddder than two bulls after red.

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    I went to that website but it won't let me connect. 'This site is only accesible through Isps in the united states'. That's a shame do you have any more sites that I can check my credit rating for free?


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