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    I had an opportunity to read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. I was greatly inspired by the book. I learnt a lot of financial lessons on how to plan and think about the future plans. I would like to ask what was your inspirational book like mine??

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    Everyone and their mama has read that book, I am glad it inspired you, I don’t see anyone I know doing anything different with their lives after reading it. I like Suze Orman’s “Women and Money”.

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    I really like "Make Money, Not Excuses" by Jean Chatzky. I purchased the first edition in 2006, and the new edition just came out this month. I got the idea of starting a Money Club from her book. We will have our first meeting in April. It is a great book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 101119
    I really like "Make Money, Not Excuses" by Jean Chatzky. I purchased the first edition in 2006, and the new edition just came out this month. I got the idea of starting a Money Club from her book. We will have our first meeting in April. It is a great book.
    Can you tell me what is money club. I have not read that book. So that i could learn something new from you. Am sure it inspired you because it has got lots of ideas to earn.Will be glad to learn it from you.

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    A money club is like a book club, but with no books. It's where a bunch of friends get together on a regular basis to talk about financial matters. Just like this board, but you just meet face to face. At one meeting, you may talk about getting the right life insurance, at another how to start saving, at another how to build or rebuild your credit. We will have experts like morgage brokers to come in and help in the decussion for that meeting. My first meeting is in April and I am very excited. I have about 10 people (as of today) who will attend and more being added everyday. I will let you know how everything go.

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    The basic premise of Rich Dad is to invest in real estate and make money through passive income. Unfortuntately, real estate requires plenty of initial capital that many do not have.

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    David Bach's Start Late, Finish Rich is what really got us going. His methods are pretty basic, but we were inspired. We did try his DOLP thing, which is handy, but in the end we deterred from it and still got the same results.

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    I like all of Suze Orman's books. For me, there is always practical information in there that I can put to use in my circumstances.

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    Suze Orman's hugh? I hear so much about her until I am thinking about giving her a try!

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    We're writing the next book for her...

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    For some odd reason, I believe you!

    Hey, I was watching television this morning and some guy named Kevin Truden was on their there talking about debt and how the major banks or just sitting here laughing at us consumers and treating us like debt slaves. He claims that the US have given them the right to do what ever they want to do with its customers in regards to high int rates. Truden has a book out called "The Debit Cure" and it has something in it about:

    1. How to get rid of debit in 24 hrs
    2. Something that banks don't want you to know, and he was even cursed out by ceo's of banks for this book
    3. Free grants that you can qualify for to pay your debit off and never have to repay back
    4. Ways to getting int rates from up to 30% or more down to 10% or less
    5. Ways to getting debt down from $80k to $20k

    And none of this stuff requires filing bk. I think that I am going to purchase the book to skim through it for resources to other members. If I see tha something is illegal, I will not put it here or should I say I will not mention it here...lol. I was just wondering if anyone else here have read or heard of the book?

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    Hi Meya, Just FYI I also saw that show with Kevin Truden. I was very interested with what he had to say until I read some reveiws about him. I am reading financial books all the time. I was going to buy his book on a well known book web-site and read some horrible reviews. I don't know if I can say the web-site on here, so just let me know. He has wriiten several books on a broad range of subjects like the health and drug industry. His book is also very expensive compared to other books. Let me know if I can tell you the book site you can go to.

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    Go ahead, also, take a look over to your left, you will see a link under the communtiy tools that says resources. You can go in there and post the link, it is cool and easy for you to find and refer to someone. What is best about it is that it will not get buried beneath other positngs. Give it a try, I bet you will like it. The link will be officially yours.

    Yes you are right about the health books, I ordered the "Diet Cure" what the food industry does not want you to know.....and all he was talking about was a bunch of laxetives, vitamins, and pregnacy hormone shots. Give me a break, I don't even want anymore kids, let alone estrogen shots. Those are expensive. He included a diet with his book and I was mad as I dont know what. That was $29.99 gone, I could have done someting else with it. I am glad you read about this guy, go ahead and shoot the link so that others can read also.

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    Its amazon.com. You can read reviews from other readers who have purchase that particular book. Just type in his name or the name of the book and it will come up.

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    Cool, I will check it out right now. Thanks! By the way, there is nothing wrong with saying amazon.com or anything else on here as long as it is not spam, explicit, non financial related, or offensive. You are ok...lol.

    amazon.com, amazon.com, amazon.com, amazon.com.....lmao!


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