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Thread: Which is better

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    Which one do you prefer? 1. Savings or 2. Investment

    I would prefer Investments. Because savings in a bank would give moolahs as interest. But rather than saving it, if we can invest it in some business or shares or real estate, am sure we could double the money in a quicker time. By that way we can also earn more through our savings. This is one way to improve our financial credits.

    What is your opinion about this?

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    i totally agree, investment is much better than savings.through investments only , a person can grow.yes it has risk factor but life without risk is useless.

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    The one drawback on investments is that you can lose your money. At least with savings accounts you won't lose your money and the interest will accumlate.

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    I would also prefer investment to savings, any time.Profit, as they say, is always proportional to the risk.One must invest as that is the way to growth.

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    I prefer both. You have to make sure you have a viable emergency fund, before you go out there and start investing. I look at it this way: #1 - Make sure I have emergency funds. #2 - Make sure I take care of my retirement (conservative) investing. #3 - Use what ever is left over for my regular investing.

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    yes i agree apart from huge investment you must have a small savings also.Investing all the funds may put you in problem during emergency.

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