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Thread: Hello To All

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    Default Hello To All

    I'm new to this board and I find it to be quiet interesting. Definitely, I will learn some new things here while engaging in some interesting discussion. Hope to see around.

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    Hello felics, jump aboard the FG Express and grab all the info that you can. When you feel like you are ready to start your topics or thread, we are all ears!

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    Hey! I am new to this forum too. Heard about this forum from a friend of mine and decided to join. How do you like this FG Express felics? :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100797
    Hey! I am new to this forum too. Heard about this forum from a friend of mine and decided to join. How do you like this FG Express felics? :)
    I am liking it now as I'm slowly getting comfortable and as I can see there are much I have to learn. And I hope I could get more knowledge as time goes on. Welcome aboard.

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    Glad to see more newbies like you and me joining the forum. I am sure we have lots to learn from anyone as finance is a really complicated subject with distinct categories.

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    No need to start a new thread, so I just wanted to say


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    Happy Mother's Day MEYA!!!

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    Happy Mother's Day to ALL!

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    Thanks you two!

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    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone had a good one. I miss my mom

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    Arrow Re: Hello To All

    Hello everyone, how do you like our new home? I am just in love with it, the blue is just soooo cool, modern, and 3d looking (not saying that the last one was bad or anything). I see that we have spell check now, wheeew, that makes a whole lot of difference with me because I know that I am a horrible mistyping individual.....lol. Our Control Panels is pretty cool and we get to add an avatar, I wonder what I am going to use! Hummmm lets see here! Also, we have way more options than before.

    When I first clicked in, I was like, omg what in the world is going on in here...lol, but as I browsed around the board I notice that we have the FAQ link above that is very helpful and describes the new New Network tools that we have to use. Is there anyone else out there besides me who like the new board?

    FG has put us in wonderland within one year, we have to give credit where it is due...."U-Go-FG"!

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    Default Re: Hello To All

    Thanks Meya!

    I really hate to see the cookie problems, but it will be worth the extra step. Read http://www.financeglobe.com/SocialNe...ead.php?p=8702 for more info about logging in.

    I want to let everyone know that this forum will be integrated better with the FN, so every page will have the same structure and layout.

    I hope that everyone can see the immediate benefits of this new system. This will also allow us to grow as far as we want to grow. The old forum just didn't have the ability to handle too many more posts, and wasn't flexible like this one.

    You should expect a univeral menu system with drop down boxes very soon!

    As Meya stated already, please browse through the FAQ pages to learn about this board. You will learn allot about the useful features here, such as subscribing to topics, etc.

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    Default Re: Hello To All

    It took me a while to try and get logged in to post on the forum and all. I missed posting on the boards!

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    Default Re: Hello To All

    Eldarwen, don't feel bad, I was already addicted to the board, but I did not know that I was so addicted until I was irritated when I could not post. I was like, "Why my account is not funtioning properly?" Boo-hoooo. I did not give up, I was going all through this board like a homicide detective, I was not going to give up until my account was back to normal. To tell the truth, I did not have the patience to wait for a response from FG

    FG the benefits are perfect! Now when we post ( or click submit), we are able to stay on the same of the last posting. The old board would bring us back to page one as soon as you click submit. I have a habit in responding to what I read post by post and this works just perfect for me. Looks like we better browse the board frequently to get ourselves familiar with everything here because the way my eyes popped when I seen the New Network, who knows what will happen when I see the next.

    Seriously guys, this is how I looked when I first saw it....lol.
    Last edited by Meya; May 31st, 2008 at 07:27 PM. Reason: smiley did not show at first

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    Default Re: Hello To All

    Glad you like what's happening! This board and the network will be my project for the next few weeks. I want this to be the best finance board on the web .

    Also noticed that images are not showing up, and showing up as links in posts. I will get a fix for this soon.


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