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    I ran very close to the edge 3 years ago, my loans had gotten out of control and I was forced to amalgamate them all, through a third party w***negotiated all my payments (basically they took on the loan) It worked fine but man has it screwed up my credit rating

    Only 3 years to go though!

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    Cymru, do you have any credit cards as of right now that will help rebuild your credit? If not, these are some good cards. However, one of them is secured and the other one isn't even though they are from the same lender.



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    Sorry to hear about the bad credit, but most of us have been in your shoes at one time or another. Hang in there and keep taking steps in the right direction!

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    Hi Ya,

    Sorry to hear this and yep I have been in a similar situation and now making regular payments back to each invidual company but it has affected my credit rating no end too, but I have been working on rebuilding it by using one credit card company and just making sure that there is a regular flow of money going in and out without any problems etc, when I went to see the company the other month they said my credit rating has improved which was a relief, but it has taken quite a few years haha but it will certainly help if you can get an account now and work on building that one, good luck to you

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    In addtion to hjm331 reference for you, here are some other cards that are pretty good also.
    http://www.financeglobe.com/SocialNe...op_id= 100011
    If you apply for some with/without approvals, post to this link also so that others can benefit from it.

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    Well this is the situation from which almost every one has to walk through at least once in a life time. Some experience this situation again and again due to lack of knowledge and experience.

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    Good to hear that you are trying to pay your debts rather than take the easy way out to file for bankruptcy.

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    BK is the worse way out.

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    Everything is out of control for me right now. I hope that I am able to get it back into control...I need one solid credit card that I can just keep money in and out of it.

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    What problems do you currently have, we can probably help you!

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    i am very sorry to hear this but i want to tell you that my brother has also been in the same situation many times.So, i think you should take precautions in future.


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