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Thread: Get a shredder

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    Thats a really good point, what do you do with all your shredded paper? I have one idea which would work good for me as I work with kids. Paper mache (sp?)

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    I just throw it away.

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    I do need to buy a paper shredder...My boyfriend and I get all the most random stuff in the mail for credit cards and everything like that. Maybe I'll go out and buy one this weekend...

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    I just got the cheapest one out of Argos, it does the job perfectly. I don't get why people fork out 40+ for a cross cut shredder. Get a cheap one then play with the paper.

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    Dreamr, here's a good deal if you have a membership at Costco. Shipping and handling is included so it comes to you.


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    If you don't have a Costco membership, you can buy this one! it's $10 cheaper and it also offers free shipping! I would definitely go for this one.


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    By the way, both of them are the same exact product.

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    I had to laugh on Sunday when I got my newspaper with all the ads stuck in it, there was a big ad for this pair of scissors that has like 5 blades -- so it cuts things in strips. Didn't know they made such a thing.

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    That's just ridiculous. Why would you want to tire yourself and make your hands red by trying to shred a paper all by yourself when there are shredders?

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    My auntie has got a pair of those scissors, the amount she paid for them she might aswell of got a shredder, but she's not that hi-tech. She uses them to cut up the odd confidential letter that she recieves, plus they don't take up much room.


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