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    Hello everyone. I wanted to remind everyone that this forum was designed for professional financial conversation. Please refrain from attacking members in any way. It has to be a 3 strike rule - because this does not promote positive thinking, nor a positive portal.

    Just like our great country, we are a diversified group with common goals. We are here to make our lives better.

    Our goal is to meet your goals, and without a positive environment, good things do not usually happen. Please let us promote harmony by ignoring negative comments. Replying to them will only promote them.


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    I just wanted to add that this is a social network, and social behavior is expected. However, negative social behavior is not.


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    I totally agree with this statement.

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    More importantly specific to the Finance Network found on signup page:

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    I agree with these terms and conditions :) A forum is a social place and we shouldn’t offense or abuse anyone with our language or comments.

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    Default Re: Important: Proper Etiquette Please


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    I totally agree

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    I'm sure everyone in this portal can agree to the terms. Let's keep it positive everyone!!! Rockin35!

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    Default Re: Important: Proper Etiquette Please

    Oh yes definitely

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    Default Re: Important: Proper Etiquette Please

    There were some inappropriate remarks made in the reviews section recently. If you have been here long enough, you probably know that this is very uncommon at FG. The #1 thing I ask is to please show respect for our members. We are either here to learn or mentor, not talk others down. I am not asking anyone to agree with other posts, but we have to use tact when we do have a different opinion.

    We have all been on boards that have inappropriate posts. Well, to make this short... I will defend that - disrespect to anyone from anyone will not be tolerated. You can go on Myspace and do that if you want, but not here.

    Thanks for your help!

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