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    Default @@ Chat Room Meetup @@

    Hello everyone, some of you have noticed the chat room poll, and have voted - thanks!

    We had this event a few months ago, and it was informative and entertaining. I and other members thought of it as an hour well spent. I want to schedule this again in February, and make it an ongoing monthly thing from then on. Please post any questions or comments here about the times, or suggestions to the topics or rooms. According to the poll, weekday evenings are the best times to have this, but please let us know what you think!

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    I'll agree with the majority of votes. Come on members, let's spice this up!

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    im with you guys standing right here beside you meya

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    Count me in. I think weekend would be fine with everyone, especially late hours. Most of us are free at that time.

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    Okay, let's get the word out! Every first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM CST.

    I hope to see full rooms!

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    All aboard!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100008
    All aboard!
    Enjoy and have fun talking shop

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    Hello everone, I am so excited about our next meeting comming up this week on Wednesday March 5, 2008 @ 7:00 PM CST.

    I know that I am going to be there, I will like to know if anyone else going to make it? You just dont know how good it is going to feel to get a chance to have a meeting with members here. The last meeting we had was so fun and funny, you will have a chance to meet FG (the big man) and see that he is just like us, funny and down to earth (not stuck up). While they are out preparing the BBQ and whatever else included, let's get ready to sit back and just let whatever we have to say come out at the meeting. Set your clocks........All aboard!!

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    I didnt know you guys have meetings on here.

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    I will be here

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100656
    I didnt know you guys have meetings on here.
    Don't feel like you really missed something buddie, you only missed one, this is the second meeting which should have a continued schedule. Click the link that FG provided above and you will see how it looks. Trust me, you will have a good time. Are you coming? Please do so, I just want to talk, talk, talk.....lol

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    What time is the meeting over Meya? I am a night student and I dont get out of class until about 8. Which puts me home at about 9.

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    You have your own time. It starts at 7pm cst and ends when you want it to end. Its not like a corporate office meeting where you will get your fingers cut off for leaving....lol. It is a huge chat where we just go for glory and meet everyone. If you can make it, come by and say hiya and biya, we wont be upset....lol

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    Meeting is going on, here is the link: http://www.financeglobe.com/SocialNe....php?page=chat

    click it and lets go

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