Were is everyone? I have not heard from anyone in quite some time, and this is not like us. We used to chat all over the review board but now it sems like we have all disappeard. Have anyone heard from Eric, Brian1, Brian2, StephNY, Deborah, Dee, Icecoldtoo, DM, Pamela2, Yanira, Self111, Brammy ( I know where you are), Theo, Dafonte, FG, Tonya, Paula, Elaine, Kevin, and those I have forgot to mention? This is not like us you guys, we have not put in any advice or experience in through the board lately. The "Lounge" is meant to kick back and relax, also to talk about other things beside financial responsibilites. Were is everyone? Can Someone put a posting in here to let me know how you are doing? Furthermore, I don't mean to read the post withiout posting a message, I mean to read and put in a attendance post. I really miss you guys and I hope that everything is ok and are all doing well.

I guess that you can say that I am a hypocrite, School has started back and I am overwhelmed.