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Thread: "Woe, woe, woe!

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    Default "Woe, woe, woe!

    Were is everyone? I have not heard from anyone in quite some time, and this is not like us. We used to chat all over the review board but now it sems like we have all disappeard. Have anyone heard from Eric, Brian1, Brian2, StephNY, Deborah, Dee, Icecoldtoo, DM, Pamela2, Yanira, Self111, Brammy ( I know where you are), Theo, Dafonte, FG, Tonya, Paula, Elaine, Kevin, and those I have forgot to mention? This is not like us you guys, we have not put in any advice or experience in through the board lately. The "Lounge" is meant to kick back and relax, also to talk about other things beside financial responsibilites. Were is everyone? Can Someone put a posting in here to let me know how you are doing? Furthermore, I don't mean to read the post withiout posting a message, I mean to read and put in a attendance post. I really miss you guys and I hope that everything is ok and are all doing well.

    I guess that you can say that I am a hypocrite, School has started back and I am overwhelmed.

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    Meya, I check the forum and credit card reviews everyday.

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    Lol Clifton, I see you here everyday also. Makes me happy to see you here when I sign in. Soon you will be able to meet the rest of the fam, I think they are taking a credit break. We all went on a credit benge a couple of months ago and I believe their fingers are tired of typing...lmao.

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    Hi everybody sorry i havent been on lately, but my dad is very ill and i have been going out of town alot to see him. And i have got my fingers crossed that he is here for the holidays. GOD i hope so i just lost my mom three years ago and i cant loss my dad too, sorry i got carried away with my problems please forgive me. So how is everybody? Great i hope. Is everybody ready for the holidays???? Not me my credit cards are in my purse and if you listen you can here them cry to be let out and used lmao. So if i dont talk to any of you soon hope you all have a safe Halloween and a Happy Thanksgiving. and Meya your "niece and nephew" says "hi auntie".

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    Hey, Hey, Pamela2! You stay off the board for a while, spend all the time you have with your dad. We only have one and thank God you are able to know yours because some of us are not that fortunate. Keep your head up and I am going to put you and your dad in my prayers tonight. I need you to stay strong Pamela, you know the conversations that we had in the past and I also want you to stay close to your sister, she is going to need you agian. I am so sorry to hear about your dad and I hope he gets better. Your participation here is appreciated and strong, but family comes first. We have built enough fourms and conversation here to keep it running and FG is NOT GOING ANYWHERE! LMAO. Take care and be strong for my niece and nephew ok. God Bless You!
    Life is all about smiles and cries, which one do you pick?

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    Hi Meya & FG!!
    I know I havent been on in a while, Work is kicking my a**. Im doing 16 hour days because we are preparing for the possible writer's strike for television, our clients are trying to get as much work done as possible these days. Sorry Guys!!! hopefully this madness will be over soon. Any questions just shoot me an email on FG. I promise to get back to you as soon as possible. I'm here in spirit!!

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    With a 16hr shift, whewww whatever, I will hold my responses to you until the strike comes and goes. I know you have to be popping some serious medication to work that shift. Now this is what we call a LOYAL, DEDICATED, RESPONSIBLE, HARD WORKING SISTER! I believe (I know) she deserve two snaps and some hard claps. Let's throw her some guys.


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    Hi everyone!

    I am so boring and it is hot out here. I can not believe that San Francisco is hot on a Tuesday night. It feels like earthquake weather outside. Oh my, I feel something....

    sheieljohgiwljeijfojwheicmekhgi3jv0uifji0hfiyg8eyg ne c9ehc9eyg39h4oasy8qyg9h30vaiegh30wyfohv9eayg 0wihfea9yg0w4hkjofh90yg04yhv9a4eh3osvkjah9s90-qp00jghfhgsicnncbghgvlbvoeurjfioevvsnoavoHG0HGO3W

    Hold on guys, let me pull myself back up........... I'm ok, that was just a 6.0 on the scale. Whew, see what I told you, I knew it was earthquake weather. I will come back and tell you how strong the after-shock was.

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    Hey, Meya this is Dee i am still around. Just getting somethings together and trying to work on my credit. I would love to hear from all of you gals and guys form your fg family member.


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    Hey Girlfriend, i thought you disappeared on me. I knew I would sonner or later hear from you. I missed you Dee, you know you are my girl. I am doing the same thing to my credit....Leaving it alone! I am just working on balances and limit increase. Having these new cards are something else. Too many new funny due dates, and they are also inconvience. Now I really feel like a fool sitting here with credit cards to place that I dont even shop at. But it is worth the scores for right now.

    Now I am confused, I thought you were Defonte. Too many names has been crossed when they signed up. A lot of people changed thier screen names and some came in under thier real first name. Now you know everyone know who the "Dee" is....the Original Fg Member, so stop comming in here like you are a newbie, stand up and represnet your title. Put your big Flavor Flav clock back around your kneck because we got some business to take care of in here.

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    For all of those who know me, you know that I am being messy huh? Ok, so were are you? Now you owe the entire board an explanation.....hehehehehehe! Stop hiding and come out to the light, I know that you got your credit up to part, but you are not running from me, you pledged to the board death do us part, now get back in here.

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    Meya just because I'm not posting doesn't mean that I'm not here. I've been here the entire time just reading the conversations. I promised myself that I wouldn't apply for anymore credit since finding this site almost a year ago and obtaining at least 7 new accounts.

    It's because of this site that my credit score plummeted. I know, I know, I'm ultimately the one to blame but when I kept reading the approval rate on some of the cards that were mentioned on this site, I couldn't resist applying.

    I'm now in the process of paying off those unnecessary credit cards and working on getting myself back to an acceptable credit score.

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    I got one buddy attention! Thanks for letting me know that you are still here, I missed talking to you all. I feel so, so, so alone now....sniff, sniff. Don't feel bad about the credit score plung, I did the same thing to by reading others posts and that is why I stuck myslef in the credit addict club. Paula it feels so good to kick the addiction of the "Love Button". I had pretty high 600's before my credit benge and then I went down to the whopping 500's. I was like "Whoooooe" this is it, and then I still hit a few more up. The denials is what really made me stop, no one else would give me credit due to too many inq, too many new accoutns, and my utilization was up too high. I could not even get a tv guide in my name probably.

    You are ver smart and bright, I know you will get back on track. See some people doesn't realize that you can drop your scores by the temptation of others, but I say this, watch it, because you can't believe everything you read nor see. Regardless, I am glad to hear from you and to know that you are still around. Hopefully your story will give others some ideas. Drop a line every now and then when you get a chance. Thanks!

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    Default Re: "Woe, whoe, whoe!

    OK everyone, where are you?

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    Default Re: "Woe, whoe, whoe!

    Two days ago i fell off a motorcycle and broke my arm but i told my brother - n - law "forget about me just make sure my credit cards are ok"...

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