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    I wanted to point out that the Marathon gasoline consumer credit card has never been listed on here with the others, with that being said, I also wanted to add that starting in November, it looks like World Financial National Bank is taking over Marathon Petroleum's credit card portfolo, Chase was backing their Mastercard program that offered rebates on fuel purchases, that was discontinued this month. As for their regular credit card that was offered by Marathon exclusively, its going to be sold of to WFNNB as well. Here is a link that explains their new program, http://www.marathonpetroleum.com/bra...hon_Visa_Card/, I have had the Marathon Consumer Credit Card for almost 2 years and use it for almost all my gasoline purchases! I hope WFNNB is just as easy to do business with!
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    Default visa platinum card

    I just figured I would let everyone know how bad visa jerks you around on taking care of business. I have waited 3 weeks for my money to be returned after a malfunction in billing. The billing company returned the money and it has takin over three weeks to put the money on.

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