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    For all of the people out with poor credit or that don't have the best credit history and youíre trying to rebuild/repair your credit, the Orchard Bank card is really great. It has jumped my credit score up about 80 points in just three months, while that may not happen to everyone it's a great card for rebuilding your credit. They also have a credit monitoring service for 9.99 a month that lets you monitor all three credit bureaus at once and will let you see your credit scores as well.


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    You know, I think they can be of good help for rebuilding, but they charge fees that I would not be interested in paying. I would much rather improve scores with other methods that improve with higher point raised in a shorter period of time.

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    Orchard does not have fees, they are just like the rest of the cards. Some amex cards have fees in the 100's per year. I pay $35 with Orchard.

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    Meya's right. I remember seeing the AMEX Green card which is a charge card and doesn't have pre-set limit. There was a $125 annual fee.

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    Meya is in love with these smilies

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100379
    Meya is in love with these smilies

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    see what I mean? lol

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    I used to work for HSBC. I was convincing others to join them. I donít have any success with this kind of job. I am very shy; I donít think that this kind of job is the best job for me. As I recall when you have this kind of plastic, you will get some privilege like insurance when you are in an airplane accident. Do correct me if Iím wrong.

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    Good Morning All,

    I was wondering if any Orchard Bank customers took them up on their investment offer? For quite sometime they offered $50.00 toward your first trade when opening a sharebuider.com account. I took them up on it last year and the site is pretty easy to utilize especially for beginners.

    If you did open an account with sharebuilder did you notice they merged with ING Direct!

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    This is a good question. I always see that when I sign on to Orchard Bank. Well I thoght about it but decided not to go forward since I am not to bright with investments. This is very new to hear about Orchard Merging with ING. My husband has an account with Ing and they gave him $25 to start. I cant wait to see this thread grow.

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    Does anyone know if you can combine a HSBC MC with a Orchard Bank MC?

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    Yes you can, but you may encounter "Decline, you already have the max amount of credit cards from HSBC." If you do, and already have a hsbc card (any kind) then read this:

    1. Make sure that you take a look at your credit report and your hsbc card have the same account number in all 3 cb's. Sometimes the cb's mask and turn numbers around for security reasons. But, hsbc will not reconize that, they will think it is two of their cards

    2. Make sure that you do not apply for it by yourself, you must have a preapproval through the mail. They only let you have two or more if they solicited you. I was denied another hsbc card becasue of this, and they rep gave me the entire run down.

    Hope this helps!

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    TY Meya... I did not get a preapproval from them, so you saved me time and a denial.

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    No problem, that is what we are here for, to help each other and stick together!

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