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    Hello buddies, just stepping in to say hello and to see how everyone is doing. I talked to Deborah and she is doing just fine....Trust me! She just had a few little things to solve before steppng in here with us. Did anyone see her posting from the Travelocity review board? Man I was freaked out by that, the first thing that came to my mind was, "If you reduce my little measly $500, you could have the card back!" I have heard of Juniper/Barclays Bank reducing limits, but I treated it like a Martha Stewart move. They pull back when they assume you are tying yourslef up on a different credit card or they want to stop you from going over a certain credit amount. I am not saying that this is what happened to deborah, I am just assuming this is how they work. If this is true, then they might as well turned that card into a Amex Green, No prest limit. From Deborahs experience, this has really opened my eyes to a daily creidt pull and to work much harder to leave the forgivers (credit cards for poor credit) alone. I mean, what if she was on vacation miles away from home depending on Travelocity credit card for shelter, food, shopping, fun and entertainment, and a safe return home? Would she had to pan handle her way back? That is a messed up situation especially when they seen that she has paid them over half the amount back in a timely fashion. I am too scared to purchase a snicker with my card now. They may reduce the rate before the digestion begin. Oh well, any comments pelase add.

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    I'd say dump that card! They are not worth your time nor your hard earned money! Put everything on your capital one and pay it off monthly. It has done me wonders.

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    Cards like that aren't even worth having. I absolutely detest how some of these card companies offer you credit until you seem to actually need it. To penalize a person for something that has no bearing on the agreement between the card company and the consumer is just plain wrong and shouldn't even be legal.

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    I agree with both of you!

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    I called Travelocity today and put a demand (very nice) in for a cli. I got the acct manager on the phone and she told me that Travelocity has a new standard that says cli's are offered after your anniversary which is one year. I was like "What!" Well I will like to close my account if I can not get an increase becasue my limit is only $500 and I can't fly anywhere with that amount. I will have to hitch hike just to return back." Do you know she closed my account and said thanks for using Travelocity, it we can be of any future use, please give them a call at blah, blah, blah......I thought she was joking so I let her hang up.

    Maaaaan, I called them right back and told them that it must have been a misunderstanding because I believe I heard the rep tell me that she was closing my account but I could not get a chance to verify her becasue he hung up too fast. WEll, they said, yes she did close it and they will reactivate it asap, but it will not be able to be in use until after 24 hours (business days).

    I am not comming at them anymore. They want us to be with theM for a year so that you will not close your account becasue you know that it will hurt your scores....ONLY IN AMERICA.....LOL!

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    A very similar thing happened to my hubby when he closed the Target acct. Oh, if we knew then what we know now. We hd a $1000 cl for forever. I told him "Get them to either raise that cl or decrease the APR. If not, cancel!" They called our bluff, and said "It was nice doing business with you, have a nice life." CLICK. That was the end of our love affair with the Target Visa.

    It wasn't until that I started going around on credit card forums that a $1000 cl from Target is actually decent. Most people (even with higher credit scores than ours) had their limits anywhere between $300-$500 for years longer than us.

    But no regrets. It's all a game, and if Target or Travelocity is not willing to play fair, then who needs them?

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    Get out of here! I had only a $200 limit with them, but I had the store card. Target is sort of cheap to certain people, I guess that you have to be a long time shopper for them to give up any increases. Travelocity is something else, I mean, how do they expect for you to travel and get rewards with $500? Even though I was able to purchase a family member tickets using it, I was embarrassed to tell my cl, so I had to check around for a cheap rush deal which left me with $76 on my card. I benefited from it becasue I got the reward for it, but good lord, what if I need to travel with my family? I have 3 kids and a husband, we will have to rent a car just to go.

    You are right, I am going to flip my colar as soon as I am able to get teir one cards. This may sound stupid, but I would rather owe a large balance than a small one because large balances tend to make me pay off much faster than small. I tend to show off my ways of paying back when it is like this to shwo the company I MEAN BUSINESS!

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    Has anyone received a cli from Travelocity lately?

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    Didn't you close this card? lol

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    By mistake, I am keeping my card until I can see what the first cli will be like. Leave me alone hjm331, just because you are ballin with teir one cards don't mean that you are better than I am. Ps, I got to hit up up later because I got some info for you. Good info!

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    Meya, you should apply save up $300 and apply for a BofA secured card so you will have a ier one credit card in 6-9 months. Go Meya, Go Meya!

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    They may deny me for a secured card.

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    Well, then you might be eligible for the partially secured 99/500 card.

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    This is the offer that I tried to get and they would not offer it to me. I was just plain denied. I bet things will get better next year.

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    Apply for the secured card because it will secure you a spot with BofA next year!

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