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Thread: Favorite Stocks

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    Mine is Google (GOOG), Walmart (WMT) and Jp Morgan Chase (JPM). Don't know about the last 2 with all of the mortgage woes, and how they will fare. Since the FED drop, I feel a little more proud to own them.

    Anyone else?

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    Very interested in how you got started investing, and how long. Any advice you can give me for starters would be greatly be appreciated. Right now I'm looking at sharebuilders for beginners. The keyword here is "looking." Thanks!!!

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    Hi Stephny,

    Google "buy stock" and you will see a sponsored link for TD Ameritrade. They offer commission free trades for 45 days with a minum opened account of $2000. I have heard good things about this company.

    Their 9.95 trades afterwards can come down a little if you shop with a company you trust. They also do not charge a maintenance fee, just fees for trading (buying and selling).

    I have never been a big fan of mutual funds, as much as they are pushed onto customers at banks. The banks almost make you feel foolish because you are not investing in one of their funds. The reasons is because they make allot of commission for customers investing in these funds. You can develop your own fund by investing in more than one stock

    Who knows what the market is going to do, but I know that with the Fed lowering rates, it is going to be more attractive than other terms of investing. The most important advice that I can give you is to:
    - Do re-invest dividends instead of choosing a cash option
    - Plan on a long term investment when buying stock (7+ years)
    - Invest in stocks that you love and want to promote
    - Do not put all of your eggs into one basket
    - Raise your stress level by checking on your stock rates every day. Remember that you should consider investing in the market as a long term, not short term investment

    I have done really well, with earnings of around 20% over the last 3 years. I don't know if I got lucky, and if the next 3 years will be as nice to me. Not all of my stocks have done well, but the average return is what I look at now.

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    U go Frances, you got information that could break a prisoner out scott free...lol. You sort of got me thinking about trying it out. I just hate to give my money away to someone else unless I have what I want to purchase right then and there. I think my heart would beat irradically if I had to invest in something because my luck is horrible.

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    Hello Meya. I am not an expert, but have taken a few economics classes back in college. With the prime rates continuing to stay low, more people will start to invest, so we should continue to see a strong market.

    I definitelly would pay off any high interest debt, such as credit cards before thinking about this.

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    well my favourite stocks are microsoft, union bank and oracle.I am also planning to get some shares of HSBC and HCL.

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    well my favorite stocks are google and walmart.Right now i am also having the shares of apple.

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    Thanks Frances,for interesting tips.I also invest in stocks and have found that as long as one is a long term investor and invests only in blue chip companies,one will just not lose money.It is a sure shot gain formula.

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    Frances, where are you hiding?

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    I like Apple, Boeing, & ConocoPhillips right now. I think they are all solid names in good sectors. I am still looking for a couple of more good stocks, but right now these three are my 'A' team.

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    i generally invest in walmart and google but sometimes i also invest in some small stocks.Although its not much beneficial but it teaches you about the current trend.

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    Default Bank of America (BAC)

    This Stock is on a Tear ! Reports Earnings This Friday

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