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    Has anyone here been robbed of thier identity? I am just curious about what you have experienced, and the neccessary steps that you completed to get your identity back. This is a serious issue in America, so serious that they are imprinted on every application when you apply for credit. Here is one thing that I find sort of weird, why do they say, "In order to help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires that we obtain and record information that identifies each person who opens an Account. To process your application, we must have your name, street address, date of birth, social security number and other identifying information, and we may ask for identifying documents from you as well such as a driver's license." Do you think this is true?

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    Someone opened a Sprint account 4 years ago in Seattle Wa with my social, and it was on my credit report. The balance was $1002.00 It didnt take much for me to dispute it, my exact words in the dispute message to Experian was ACCOUNT WAS OPENED FRAUDENTLY. But its funny before I disputed it on my credit report, I called Sprint to question how someone in Washington state obtained my information, they seemed to be all for protecting the person who committed the crime. I then told them I was willing to send them proof I was in NY at the time the account was opened, the rep who must have been sick of hearing my voice said " Not neccessary, you could have been here visiting and opened it for all we know." then she told me this case was under investigation, and she gave me a case number, for weeks I received phone calls from their security department questioning whether or not I was in Seattle. And did I know this person or that person. Then the calls stopped. I called one last time to see what the outcome was and I was told It's still pending investigation. This is the crap you have to put up with, when you were in fact violated. I said screw it, Im going to the source!!! Experian was very quick about getting rid of it, But they then red flagged my social so I cant get instant approvals now, I have to get verified which is fine, but a pain in the A**. Meya, I noticed that little statement when applying for credit also. So far outside of a normal credit app, this seems like the normal request for information when applying for credit. I just dont remember seeing the statement as I do now when it comes to the money laundering/ terrorism part.

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    Sprint is good for fraudulant accounts. I will tell you why. I have a sprint Pcs phone and been having it for nearly 10 years. The phone is under my moms boyfriend name who is 68 years old. For 10 years, I have been calling them, speaking with reps, going into the store, uprgrading and purchasing phone, and was never asked for ID. Duhhhh excuse me, I am not a man, no where near 68, so what do you guys care about security...nothing.... They kill me when they ask me to verifiy my last four social numbers or date of birth before they talk with you on the phone. What are they asking that for and continue to talk? I know that the world is becomming more diversed and discrimination is tight, but how in the world could you let me walk in the store and do it. Don't quote me wrong, I always have the true owner sitting out in the car waiting for me just incase they ask for him, but he keeps telling me...."He**, I am tired of comming with you to this [dang] store, if those dumb [*%#!] people havent asked for me by now, they aint gone never do it" I cracks up laughing cause he is forever fussing and cursing all the time. He reminds me of Fred Sanford or Madea's Brother (Tyler Perry's Movies).

    Thanks for sharing your story, I am glad you got everything settled. I just had to tell you about sprintpcs....lol

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    My son was laid off from his job the day before yesterday. When he applied for unemployment, he was told that someone using his social security number has been drawing wages in another state for the last year and a half. Now, he is having quite a time trying to straighten this out. We don't know if it was simply a mixup where an employment office entered an incorrect social security number or something worse, but it is still troubling.

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    I can not believe that I am hearing this story. My husband went through the same thing, I believe that is an error on unemployment behalf. When his job is slow on the rainy days, they automatically gets on unemployment, they told him that someone was using his social security to work in the same state but a city that is 400 miles away, and that he is drawing social security in a city that is 10 miles away from us. Whatever, he is only 38 so how can he be drawing social security? Not only that he is filing taxes every year and social security would have red flagged that. We went to the social security office to straighten things out, they came back with he has a direct deposit with a checking account running into it as we speak. So we was like, well you can do the investigation on it, you all know dog-gone well he is not drawing social security, blah, blah, blah.

    Well after a two week investigation, it all came back that social security was off by 2 numbers, and the unemployemnt office was off by date of birth and 1 social security number. My husband has a plain name that a lot of people have, he was caught up in a big mix, that was faulted by both companies. The cold part about it, we neer knew it, and it was not a scam (thank God) but a case of mistaken identity. Luckily it was easy to fix because both parties had identified themselves along with my husband.

    hummmm, what if they had top notch credit cards, let me go and check the cb, If so, we wont argue about that one, we will just let it roll until one of them defaults...lol. just kidding.

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    hey meya guess what got a credit report and on there was a address for me in TEXAS and i have never in my life lived in TEXAS. so i called and talk to the credit people and they said they would remove it but i didnt find anything out of the way so maybe they couldnt get anything in my name. but im still looking maybe my mom didnt get that card in my name after all its not on my report that i paid it and the other one off??????????????

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    I had a few like that myself, but I just had them removed. One was from my x-boyfriend mother. She opened a card in my name and abused it, but here is one thing that I find pretty messed up, they did remove the account from my report but when I told them who did it they told me to file a complaint against her. When I tried to, they told me that there was no reason to file a complaint against her if the cb took it off.

    That made me mad, and yes I did settle it my own way, "Took the law into my own hands." But what about those who were ripped off by someone they did not know? I had blood in my eyes even though I had at least over 30 items of what I did to myself, but how dare her do that to me. She was the one I told you was a mother-in-law from hell. She was mad at her son for telling me, but her whole senerio was, "I don't care about her." And that is why I did not care!

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    I have a freeze on my credit report cause when I applied for jcpennys she put in the wrong address so when I never got my card I had to call and cancel it and have them send me a new one, and that is when I found out there was a wrong address. So I got a letter from all credit places and they all put a freeze on me. I had to send in my driver license and ss card . When they sent me my credit report to see if there is anything wrong on there I called them and also wrote to them to let them know there was 3 social securtiy # on there and none of them was mine. There was 2 different Ivy Tech that is with Allied that are not mine. I keep disputing them but they will not take them off my credit if anyone could tell me what I should do that would be great. They told me i could not apply for any new credit cards or loans for 6 months until my freeze comes off which sucks. I have even went to myfico. to get my credit score and it wont let me have it so I wont even know my credit score for 6 months and this all just happened to me last month. sorry for going on and on but it really sucks cause I just started my credit back. any help would be nice thanks everyone

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    Write the company (creditor) and ask them to verify that it is you, if they can't do it within 30 days, they have to take it off. Then you have the AG (Attorney General) that you can go through also. I had that company on my credit report for a few sold accounts, but they are gone now. How long has the cc been on your report?

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    This is just another ploy by the deadbeats who say it is not them when it really is
    I don't think this is a valid point Justin, that is why there is a such thing as fraud. Of course some dishonest person will do something like this but what about the ones who finds discrepencies on their reports? I have had the same thing done to me, I am not a deadbeat, so therefore when someone posts this horrible incident, it does not necessarily means they are telling a deadbeat story. I hope there is justice to clear this up.

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    I am not saying that there is not actual fraud out there. Take the person who posted today about their new Capital One card. They never paid C1 5 years ago and C1 charged them off. That is still on his/her credit report. Now they go and apply for a new Capital One card, and today it comes in the mail. Capital One deserves what they get but actually you will pay more in the future to Capital One card if you have one when that person defaults again. I read on here that peoples interest was raised by C1 for no reason. Now you have your reason. You have to pay for the deadbeats.

    I work for American Express. I am a credit analyst at the Ft Lauderdale operations center. I am one of the people who approves or declines applications. So this information is not off the cuff.

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    Trust me, Cap1 knows exactly what they are doing. They are not dummies by a long shot. I have been with cap1 for a few years now and they have not raised anything on me but credit limits. Cap 1 does not raise your apr's simply becasue you made a late payment (2 within one year), defaulted with another creditor, or went over the limit. If you simply messed up 3 times in one year, then that is a different story. Maybe the person here defaulted more than twice, or cap1 realized that they already defaulted with them a long time ago. I think that is how they recap their lost funds. Unitl then, I have not paid for anyones mistake as of yet. I heard Porgy mention this (about how banks makes others pay) but it has not affected me yet. Has anyone else here been affected by increase of apr? Please come forward if so.

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    I can not speak for Capital One. I work for American Express and we are a one strike company. If you ever default with us you can never get another card with us no matter how many years go by. We always cross check social security numbers, DOB etc.

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    Well guess what? Hjm331, Pamela2, and I never messed over amex. Think you can hook us up? We are sort of dying in here for one.

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    Your zip code will decide your fate though. If you have excellent credit but live in a flagged area you will still be declined.
    That is not necesarily true. My co worker lived in housing projects when she received her first amex. I do hear people talk about how zip codes makes a big difference and I do believe it myself, but a lot of companies are missing the good ones when they pass up "flagged" areas. It's the ones with large income that they need to worry about. It should be a law against that becasue it sounds like discrimination to me. Listening to you makes me think twice about amex.


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