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    I pull my Equifax report the other night and notice that LVNV funding has placed two old accounts for collection on my credit report! Both reporting as being opened in August of this year, and reporting 120 days past due! My Equifax score faired well though 680, however, they just hit my TransUnion report and knocked my score from 708 to 578!!! After researching this more, I find out, they are trying to collect on 2 old credit cards I have, First Premier, and Plains Commerce Bank, both were opened in 2004 and charged off in 2005! So I decided to send out a debt validation letter in reference to these 2 accounts, I am willing to pay a settlement, however, they arent so eager to do a pay for delete! I can see now LVNV and me are going to have some problems! Has anyone else ever heard of this company or had a similar situation yourself? If so please post here so I can get a better idea of who and what I am dealing with!

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    My mom has collections from the too, they are a really bad collection company to deal with. They dont want to get paid, they would rather further hurt your credit. My mom tried to settle with them and they refused, their exact response was we would rather settle this matter in court.

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    I recently sent a debt validation letter off certified to LVNV funding on 12/01/2011, they have received my letter and signed for it certified, they are now reporting the 2 collections as closed, and at the bottom of the account it also reads customer disputes! I am happy to report all 3 of my credit scores are restored! TU 710, EQ 682, Exp 693! Basically I sent them this letter to validate the debt is mine! They have 30 days to respond to my request, and in that time that they dont, all three credit reporting agencies are legally obligated to delete these collection accounts! LVNV has already violated federal law by not reporting these accounts accurately, first off, they were reporting both accounts as being open August of this year, which isnt true, the original creditor charged both accounts off in 2004-2005! They are listing these accounts as installment accounts, which they werent! Major federal violation right there! One of the 2 accounts is past Indiana 6 year statue of limitations! LVNV might have bought these accounts in August, but they have to use the open date as of the last charge off! I will fight these bottom feeders! I have worked too hard to have my scores ruined by these morons!

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    WOW! Stay the course on the bottom feeders... I have learned much from you and others on the collection racket. Bad things may remain on credit reports for seven years. How can they reset the clock... they can't! What a bunch of nonsense. Glad you are educating us!!! Makes me mad that they don't try to work with people...

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    Wow! Glad you were able to work things out. But that's still a lot of work. Stay strong!

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    Oh! Trust me! I will definately stay on these FOOLS!!! I have read so many articles where they have destroyed peoples credit on purpose, mainly by reporting inaccurate information on their bureaus! There are federal laws that protect us consumers and give us rights to STOP people like this! I have no problem making something right with sensible people, but when you go behind my back, report negative information about me, without first sending me a notice or even validating the fact, I have a major problem with that! When I was younger and ignorant about credit, I let companies like this take me to court and win a judgement because I was too scared to face them! Those days are over, I got my game face on now! I am educated and know my rights! No wonder people give up in life? They get treated like animals and ruined by morons like this! Justice will prevail you mark my words!

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    Have any of you paid LVNV Funding any amount of money or is making payments?

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    They popped up on my credit report just last week! I am trying to get my credit score back on track and started out by paying on an old debt collection. I went online and paid down on what was owed. The very next day it was reported as a potentially negative strike on my score, it wasn't there before or it was very far down in the past. When I look at the details though it says "paying as agreed" or something similar so I'm not sure what this will do to my already low score. Darn!

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    Looks like so far one of the LVNV accounts has been deleted from my Equifax file, TransUnion and Experian are still pending investigation, looks like the validation letter is do what its supposed to!

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    I too had the same issue. I had Arrowhead Financial as the original CA, and then I received a letter from another agency in Buffalo, which I DV'd back in the summer of 2010. After not hearing from them for about 60 days, I sent a follow up to the new CA and never heard back. About a year ago the Arrowhead TL fell off my report. Today, I did a routine check of my Experian report and LVNV was listed - same as you, opened 8/11 and finally reported 1/9/12. I have my DV for LVNV ready to send; wanted to see which office address you sent the letter to...

    I've done some research and found most have set it to the address in Charleston. Please advise.


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    Default Re: LVNV Funding

    Resurgent Capital Services LP
    15 S Main St Suite 600
    Greenville, SC 29601

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    Very nice! Mine is still on my report but they have reported that it was paid in full. When I looked at the letter they sent, it did indeed say that they took my payment ($100- I owed $450) I guess I will just have to wait for mine to drop off. in my case, it was a fairly recent debt that I needed to handle and am grateful they took as little as they did.

    I haven't done a full search yet, but is there a place on this site with some sample letters so one will know how to get started on those? I just found out that I have an old debt that I am pretty sure I paid off years ago popping up from pallisades collections. From what I have researched on the web, they are not to great to deal with and they are right on the top reporting every month , no payment. I don't even know what is for! I have also read to never call these people so I need to know how to even get started. I will look through the threads and site but if anyone has a quick link that would be great.

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    Default Re: LVNV Funding

    Hi Patrick, the same thing happened to me. LVNV is trying to collect a debt of $250 and the acct is over 7 years old. I had no phone calls or mail to alert me that were trying to collect a debt. I received a notice from Experian stating that my credit score dropped 74 points. I just filed a dispute through Experian and came accross your posts. I would like to also send LVNV a validation letter. Do you have a copy that I can use? It would be greatly appreciated.

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    Question? Does NOT the statue of limitations (six years) come into play here. Also, negative credit is required to be removed after seven years. It does not matter if they sell the debt several times. It is effective to the first date not some date they find convenient.

    They are very likely violating the law and the States Attorney General or States Commerce Department along with the Feds could weigh in.

    The credit bureaus know this so you will have very solid ground on a challenge and removal of the negative reporting seven years (except judgements, tax liens and bankruptcies).

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    The statue of limitations does come into play here. However, LVNV is stating on my credit report that this account was opened on 9/11. I filed a dispute with Experian 2 days ago and stated that the acct was open on 12/04 and am crossing my fingers that this will be resolved soon but would also like to be proactive and send a valadation letter. If the dispute with Experian works I will also be mailing my dispute to Transunion and Equaifax.

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