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    Default How many have received an APR Reduction?

    I just received a letter from Bank of America on 9/2/11. It was to call them to request a reduction in APR. It was on an my American Diabetes Visa. They changed it from a high of 20.99% to 10.99% I was totally amazed. Never had this happen before. While I was on the phone with customer service. I asked them about my other card. If they could see if it was eligible for a reduction also. Went from 16.24% to 14.99% no to bad. It funny that the oldest account has a higher interest rate than the newer account. definitely pleased with the results!

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    Default Re: How many have received an APR Reduction?

    yeah, i am sensing that ccard companies are lowering APRs in an attempt to spur on spending for the upcoming holiday season. i recently received a notice from capitalone regarding lowering of my two accounts with them. of course the irony is that one of my capone accounts is about ten years old and i have consistently requested apr reductions for the last 5 or so years only to be denied....the only reason i haven't closed the account is because it would reduce my account age drastically.

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    Default Re: How many have received an APR Reduction?

    that was good news!:) a lot of nice things are happening within the credit cards company just like the Citigroup. Citigroup is improving its credit card offers by postal mail in a big way, writes the Wall Street Journal. Research firm Synovate estimates over 346 million credit card promotions will be dispersed in Q3 2011. That's more than one for every male, female and kid in the U.S., at a cost exceeding $240 million.
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