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Hey Joeyman it comes down to "Do you feel in your heart that Nursing / Healthcare is your future ? " If it is then continue with your pursuit. Your a young man and your future is ahead of you. Do what makes you happy !
I have the passion for nursing, just I hate working with certain types of patients. I work in the float pool group, we basically work around the hospital as needed (if a regular employee calls in sick, they're short staffed, etc.). At my hospital we have 22 units, six of which are general medicine other known as med-surg. These are the busiest units of course but are also the worst to work. I feel like the patients mom... people call for things they can do themselves, they just get this general perception of the hospital and demand for us to do everything for them. Except most of the time med-surg patients are not in critical condition or 'total care' patients; therefore they are totally independent babies. Now, I do work in other areas just not as frequently. My favorite unit to work is the emergency department. I also am crossed trained as a unit secretary, EKG technician, and specific point of care tests. Often, I am placed as the mother baby unit secretary and hold the EKG pager (I work nights) and do about 4-12 EKG's total per night. I actually like that because that means I am apart of the rapid response team; virtually everyone in distress gets an EKG to check their heart rhythm. Sometimes I see some crazy stuff while doing EKG's. I must say doing an EKG on a new born baby is a pain (they don't sit still). All in all, I really already know what it takes to be an RN; just not the medications side. Care is care. If somebody was dying in front of me on the street I could probably extend their life or save them in time for the hospital.