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    Post Important Information about Credit Card Reviews!

    Hello fellow members!

    I decided to add this thread because I do believe that it is very important that members receive fair ratings for each credit card review. Please keep in mind that when members read your review, they are gaining knowledge about your overall experience with the card. Some members, such as myself, lose the fear of applying for a particular cc and take a chance go for it due to reading other members review. There are members here who were afraid to apply for a particular card due to low scores or maybe (through rumors) the creditor carries a bad reputation.

    Another important issue, I have noticed that when reading a review some members may have forgot to add their current credit score at the time of approval or denial. When I encounter this issue, I always add a little message in the comment area for the reviewer writer to add their scores and I will copy and paste them to the original review. Once the writer has done so, I will delete my comment; the writers added info, so that review can have a full capture of the writer cc experience and overall credit background. If you are not aware of your current scores at the time of approval, it is ok to base them according to when you last viewed your credit background. Writers are loosing points when valuable info is missing. If the rating is too low, it can cause the original review to become a comment instead. Please be careful when writing a review, because there is only “One Review per Card”. When writing a review, please remember a few key factors:

    1. It is very important to speak about your overall experience with the card
    2. Your credit scores at the time of approval/denial
    3. Customer Satisfactory (If any at the time)
    4. Your overall recommendation (Not required but will help)
    5. Most important, keep comments about a particular card in the comments area. If comments or questions arise into the originated credit card review area, the review will be flagged and added to the comment area or credit card question thread immediately.
    6. Be courteous and respond to those who have made a comment to your original review. Your information hold value to other members, so be prepared!
    7. Try not to start unrelated conversation in the comments, The Network holds plenty of room for that. Please give it a try if you have not done so.

    Remember, everyone deserve a fair rating for any honest review which is written but, to eliminate low ratings please focus on the seven factors above. I can not change the overall rating of the card, but I can help the rating rise as more members read (and rate) your info by letting me know in this thread if you have forgotten to add info within your original cc review. Thanks so much for your understanding!

    Last edited by Meya; February 24th, 2010 at 07:31 PM. Reason: additional info

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    Default Re: Important Information about Credit Card Reviews!

    Good reminder Meya. What drives me nuts are the people that do the review and then don't respond to questions people might have......

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    Default Re: Important Information about Credit Card Reviews!

    That is something that I have been watching also. I was thinking of a strategy that will help members to stay focused on their reviews and I do believe that we will have to draw that attention toward FG. I don't know if it will be difficult or not to send an alert to the original reviewer letting them know that someone has made a comment on their review because more than one person has written a review on the identical credit card.

    I really paid attention to the ratings, sometimes there were good reviews written, but lacked valuable information. Readers will not wait around for the writer to add later, they will promptly click 0-2 and await the next writer. I try to ask members to add their current credit scores to the account (and sometimes send a private message to add a little more info to their review) so that others can benefit from it. What happens is that they will add the score almost a month after I asked (which is not a problem) and then I have to go backward and find the comment which I originally requested them to add it, so that I can delete it and delete their additional info (after I copy and paste it in the original review). Majority of the time, it goes unnoticed and then the reviewer looses out. I am not for sure if they are clear about cc reviews are only allowed on review per card.

    The only problem is that the review has been rated pretty low, and need more members, who have not yet rated the review, to help raise their rating. When a member create the review, Fg has provided info which will help them all the way through.

    ** Important, Please Read: You are about to add a personal review. Questions about a card should be posted as comments, and not as a review. If you need help or advice, please ask a question about this card in the popular "Credit Card Questions" forum

    **Please add any in depth knowledge of this card that will assist a potential applicant when making a decision to apply. We recommend that you write at least 1 full paragraph. Comments with less than 2 sentences, inappropriate language, SPAM or advertisements, or unrelated input may be removed at our editor's sole discretion.

    **Please Rate Your Experiences
    Optional, but extremely helpful to users

    This message is written clear and bold at the administrators request!

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    Default Re: Important Information about Credit Card Reviews!

    Ps, thanks Colo, I just added #6 and #7 to the original post.

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    Default Re: Important Information about Credit Card Reviews!

    Quote Originally Posted by Meya View Post
    Ps, thanks Colo, I just added #6 and #7 to the original post.

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    Default Re: Important Information about Credit Card Reviews!



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